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Monday, April 23, 2012

Mini Makeover - my kitchen in England

My photographs have somehow come out back to front so to see what the kitchen cabinets looked like before you will have to scroll down to the last pic. Sorry!! It's not a huge kitchen - a thin long, galley kitchen but it has some charm and now the makeover has happened I LOVE it. 

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 And if you have done that you will see that they were a nasty sort of orange pine colour. We inherited them when we bought the cottage in England almost 5 years ago before we came to Australia.  Here in Melbourne, if you recall, we rent a property....  the cottage in UK is where my heart is still, I have to admit.
 Also if you remember, I went back to England for 6 weeks last September which was bliss and that was when I organised this mini makeover..... All it took was some paint (and a very talented kitchen man I have to admit -he works freelance for Smallbone and for Mark Wilkinson kitchens in England) and I was fortunate enough to find him. My lucky day.  He did such a great job and put up with me prevaricating over a 1,000 different shades of Farrow and Ball whites. 
 To make it easier for me he painted 5 boards with different shades so I could make up my mind!! It was difficult but in the end I went for a 'Shaded White' .

 The pic above shows the difference between the wall and the cabinets... very subtle but pleasing.

Pic below shows the butlers sink - porcelain - this was in the original kitchen and although a bit worn and scratched I would not change it - love it so much.  Oh and the wooden work surfaces too - they are great.

As you can see from the BEFORE pic above the cabinets were all wood (which seemed too much with the wooden work surfaces) and the other change we made were the handles from those small metal ones shown in the photograph to large ceramic round knobs....

So there we are - my kitchen in England in our little cottage.  Miss it very much... Oh and one more change were the stripey rugs I found at a bargain price on sale in our local carpet place.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Borrowed from the boys

Have always loved this casual 'boy' style. Comfortable and chic.

So, when information from the website YOUNG BRITISH DESIGNERS popped up into my email I sat up and took notice. And the designer is question is 'Studio Nicholson' . See what you think....

Gorgeous pieces don't you think? Perfect 'boy tailoring for girls'. Reminds me of Margaret Howell's great designs.

Information regarding the clothing from the YBD website says:

Studio Nicholson's collection is once again a carefully considered range of shirts, blouses, jackets, trousers and old school jumpers in luxe cashmere. The palette is subtle and feels honest and natural with navy, feminine khakis, softest greys, a bolt of chambray blue, warm creams and textured blacks.

For more info : www.youngbritishdesigners.com

So, I suppose it goes without saying that it's only fair that the boys are allowed to 'borrow' from the girls too in a way which brings me neatly onto Mr SE's new shirt which I er, forced no, persuaded (!) him to buy.......

The 'girlie' part is the floral fabric but I LOVE how he looked in it and I have always wanted him to have a Paul Smith shirt.

Absolutely 'his' colours....

And look at the different fabric lining the cuffs. Gorgeous.

Close up of the pattern. Think I am more excited by it than he is. Best bit of all (and this was after I had picked it up and thought he just 'had' to have it!) - it was less than half price.

So, would you wear boy tailoring? And what do you think of a man in florals? !

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fontaine Antiques, UK

I have blogged before about our friends Stuart and Kiel who own Fontaine Antiques but thought I would show you some shots of their new showroom in Margate, Kent.

When we were back in UK at the end of last year and over New Year we managed to fit in a lightening visit to see them and to check out how their fantastic new space had emerged from a run down neglected building which started life as a school in around 1900. (See above). However, this was a special school to teach the craft of 'laundering' to those girls who wanted to learn the skill in order to enter 'service' in a large household. The kind that appeared in Downton Abbey or Upstairs Downstairs I would imagine!

Anyway, back to the inside of the building which they have totally renovated. Smart dark walls and wooden polished original floors are the backdrop to show off their eclectic, collected wares. All in all - perfection.

Love these old decoy ducks from the beginning of last century.

Fabulous French mirror above this old sign.

Stuart Atkinson/Kiel Shaw. Fontaine Antiques - The Old Laundry, Margate, Kent, UK

Wholesale and Retail - call to make an appointment if you are travelling from afar.