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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Invitation to my new blog

You are all very warmly invited to come over and visit me at my new blog.
Oh, and please follow too if you'd like, but I understand completely if perhaps you'd rather not. A new blog is a time for simplifying things and if you've had enough of my slightly sporadic ramblings maybe this is the opportunity for you to part company with me.  That's fine, and I totally understand.  However those who do decide to follow I promise to come over and follow you (if I don't already).  Maybe 'Semi Expat in Oz' will be resurrected later on next year but for the moment I am blogging as NEUTRAL TERRITORY.

Please click HERE to be taken by the wonders of technology to the new blog... See you there!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Blogging from Blighty

So here I am back again in England and the first 10 days or so have gone by in rather a blur to say the least.  First of all the inevitable and unavoidable jet lag.  Although I do have to admit it wasn't that awful this time - dear Mr SE used a bucket full of his Frequent Flyer points to upgrade me to business class. I know, extremely lucky and I actually enjoyed every moment of the 24 hour flight. A few 'piccie's to follow of my first days in England.  But firstly a big thank you to all who commented on my last post when I told you my news and the fact that I am now going to be living here for the next year - Eleanor, Jane, Janelle, Beth, Jules, Deja Pseu, Coffee Addict, Sydney Shop Girl, Mise, Susie, Pauline W, Natasha in Oz, Young @ heart, Faux Fuchsia, Ms Maple, Ida, Lilac in May, Raisa, Leeann and Belinda - really appreciated hearing from each and every one of you... And can I ask anyone how on EARTH do you put that little REPLY box after each comment so you can reply to each person individually?  Sorry to sound like a bit of a technical twit but I would so love to know... Anyway, back to the photographs and they have come out in no particular order a bit jumbled....
At the market in Marlborough - lots of lovely fresh veggies
Fuchsias - (real, not FAUX!) my parents' garden
Above and below the lovely Wiltshire countryside

Hanging basket - planted by my Father - at their house
Flags - patriotic style - my parents' house 

Daughter on bicycle, last weekend - me walking behind!
Above 2 photos - garden at my parents' home

Look out for my next post where I will give you directions o  how to reach my  NEW ENGLISH blog...  Meanwhile hope you are enjoying the first weekend in September - how quickly this year seems to be going.