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Friday, June 22, 2012

Something's gotta give, or rather - GO!!

And that is to be precise the extra weight that has slowly crept on; mainly AROUND MY MIDDLE!!

This has been a gradual and stealthy creep - almost when I wasn't looking (!)  and by dressing cleverly and covering up in winter layers I can look reasonable and kid myself that no, I don't have to do anything about it, and that life is for living and enjoying myself etc. etc.   See photo above - layers and dressing cleverly = not too bad.  (Or if all else fails place handbag in strategic position for photograph).

My father returned to UK after his wonderful visit here at the beginning of last week.  We had a fabulous time with him - much eating and drinking and merry making too.  Since he left the weather has been pretty miserable though with rain and plummeting temperatures which has necessitated in consoling oneself with hearty meals, red wine and cheese and meetings out with friends for coffees and cakes... OH DEAR.

Anyway, this time I am determined to do something about it and get rid of 6.5 kgs or so, which is around 14 lbs or 1 stone.....  Definitely.

Next week I will post about how my plan of attack will take place and it will probably be by joining Weightwatchers.  Don't laugh.  I have been before - ions ago - at least 15 years or so when I lived in UK.  But by writing about it on the blog it makes it all more real.

There, I have said it now.  No going back.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A card in the post

Look at this lovely card my friend S sent us. Such a nice surprise to see something in our mail box that isn't a bill or junk mail and the fact that it was quite unexpected makes it very special.

She wanted us to be included in the Diamond Jubilee flag waving patriotic fever that has gripped our homeland even though we are far away in Australia.

You are a diamond too dear S, and thank you - so thoughtful!