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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New book ready for the weekend

So pleased to see that one of my most favourite writers has a new book out.  If you haven't read any of Liz Byrski's novels then you are missing a treat.  I have written about her before on the blog and I was lucky enough to go to an evening event where she was speaking about 18 months ago. 
Last Chance Cafe was due out in Australia on April 1st - lucky for me I found it early - in Target and at a good price.  Just in time to pack for our weekend in Byron Bay - leaving this Thursday afternoon.
Can't wait.

 P.S. New blog lay out courtesy of Darling Daughter - with some input and direction from me!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Immeasurable happiness...

My 20 year old 'baby' is back....
She flew into Melbourne yesterday evening and I cannot tell you the feeling of joy I experienced on waking this morning just knowing she was under the same roof as me after nearly 6 months apart.

I have a few days off from work - we spent today chatting, catching up on lots of things; really luxuriating in not having to do anything in particular. No essay deadlines for her and nothing for me to worry about. A sushi lunch and then giggling this afternoon having pedicures together.

All in all a perfect day....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Two 'Thank Yous' and a question to Australian readers

You are such a lovely lot. But then again why am I surprised? - I already knew that. Thank you for all your kind and enquiring comments about my friend Celia in Japan and I am really happy to say that she is back safely in England..... I am so relieved that she is ok but the situation in Japan worsens daily and is so very worrying. Will Japan ever be the same again? Just hope and pray so but it will take years and years I'd imagine.

Also, on a more frivolous matter thank you again to all those who went over to my work blog to comment on the article I guest posted for them. You are so kind and Head Office were delighted - it was even mentioned in the work newsletter that the blog had received many comments after my article there!!

And thirdly a favour to ask of Australian readers.....

We'd really like to go away for a long weekend at the beginning of April to Byron Bay and stay in an apartment or cottage rather than a hotel. Does anyone know of anywhere they'd recommend? I remember seeing a gorgeous white weatherboarded cottage on somebody's blog ages back and I am sure it was near Byron Bay... I'm so very excited as on Tuesday my daughter comes out to Australia again for 3 weeks or so (just typing those words makes the old eyes fill up with tears at the thought - am so happy!). We thought a short break in Byron Bay would be lovely. Daughter is keen to learn to surf properly - we've been told this is the place to go. If you think we'd be better elsewhere then please chip in your views too.... Many, many thanks.

A lovely weekend to one and all....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

News from Japan

This is my dear friend Celia; the photograph was taken in happier times last October when she and I met up for dinner. Yesterday she was caught up in the earthquake that hit Japan as she is on business in Tokyo setting up an Art exhibition there in the city. When I got back from work last night and saw what had happened I was so worried and thankfully was able to skype her and we conversed via skype for the whole evening - she was really happy to be able to 'talk' and feel connected over the internet with me - nothing else was working - no mobile phone networks or of course no ordinary telephone systems.... As she couldn't reach anyone from there I got her to send me the telephone numbers in England that she wanted to contact and I rang them from here to let them know she was unharmed.... Very frightened but alright and today she was able to send this email out to all of her friends from Tokyo. I know she won't mind me copying it and putting it on the blog as it does give a first hand account of what it was like there :

Hi all
Thanks for your concern for my safety. I know many of you have called the office so just to let you know that I am OK but a bit freaked out by what has happened. It was very scary and the earth was literally rolling beneath our feet for about 2 minutes. Everything was shaking, the cars, buildings etc. I was doing an exhibition at the time and we all had to rush out onto the street so that we had a better chance if the buildings collapsed. Some glass was broken but apart from that we were OK and sat on the ground until it passed, but at the time we didn't know how bad it was or where it was coming from so we just had to wait with the feeling that we could be swallowed up or crushed at any minute. It was a truly humbling experience. There were aftershocks all day and we are still feeling small movements every now and then.
The chaos that followed was inevitable and all the mobile networks were jammed and all transport stopped throughout the city. Traffic was gridlocked so people took to the streets and tried to walk home. People were panic buying in the convenience stores and there was nothing left on the shelves. I couldn't get back to my hotel so I walked for an hour or so to my friends house and camped out there like a tramp. I think that many people were worse off and had no-where to go.
Today things are getting back to normal but people here are just beginning to realise the extent of the disaster. Apparently it is the biggest earthquake in Japan's history but we are relieved it struck at sea otherwise the devastation could have been far worse. As it is, the resulting tsunamis that hit the east coast yesterday and last night have killed many people and swept away houses, cars bridges etc.
I hope it's over now but everyone is a bit apprehensive about the next few days. I am scheduled to fly home on Monday so hopefully this will still be possible. I am looking forward to being back in the relative safety of the UK. Its been a long and busy week and the last couple of days have left me feeling a bit depleted.
Will catch up with you all when I get back. Look after yourselves and your loved ones and concentrate on what's important in life.

So very true. Sometimes we do lose the bigger picture and forget what is important in life. I just thank God she is ok and my heart goes out to the many who have not been so lucky.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

(L)Arking Around!

I am 'guest posting' today over at the blog, "Behind the Seams" which is our work blog. As some of you know I work for a wonderful Melbourne based fashion company called The Ark and I am very proud to do so. The above photo shows the two owners, Chris and Jen who started by making and selling children's clothing (OzArk) just over 20 years ago but then moved into clothing for women. The Ark is a boutique sized company that really packs a punch and I have to add it is entirely run by women... No men in the company at all. Not even at Head Office! The fact that it is still going 20 years later really shows that they really have a winning combination....

If you have a spare few minutes please pop over by clicking HERE. And if you would care to leave a comment well, that would be really marvellous. The work blog does not get very many comments and Head Office would be delighted too.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beautiful day

After quite a miserable Summer weather wise here in Melbourne we were very happy to wake to such a beautiful Saturday morning. Mr SE and I went to our local shopping strip and gathered in food from the market for the week. This is a view towards the city of Melbourne (7kms away)..... We had breakfast at one of our most favourite cafes. They serve very superior coffee. Melbourne has a proud coffee heritage and Melburnians take their coffee extremely seriously. I bought this book today - it comes out every year and showcases the best of the best!
We were delighted to see that our favourite cafe made it (they have only been going around a year or so) so full marks to them. Only it won't be so secret any more. Ah well, never mind. Daughter loves this place too and she and I call it "Robbie William's cafe" - don't get too excited - it's just that the owner bears a strong resemblance to Mr Williams! Reason enough to go there, I say.

And as it was so beautiful weatherwise Mr SE and I went for a few hours at the beach... Here he is returning to the car after our relaxing time, 'packhorse stylie' with all our beachy paraphernalia!

We walked along the edge of the sand but the water was a little too cool to go swimming I felt. Some did though and this lone seagull thought it was just grand!
Happy weekend to one and all