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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Paris Pics - first instalment

Hello I'm back! And what an amazing time we had but I'll let the pictures tell the story....

Above and below the view from our hotel window. We stayed in the Marais region - really vibrant and interesting with lots of cafes, boutiques etc. Total bliss.

A breakfast above... and I ordered in French (and without a waiter looking down his nose and pretending he could not understand me.)

(Note to Ms. Maple - it was after I had ordered the above I sent you that text- this was what you could have shared with me!)

And lunch, below.

Next few photographs around and about the 3rd Arrondissement.

Hotel de Ville, 2 photos above.

Gorgeous Gitaine blue of this lovely old door....

Need I say more?

And last one. - just because I loved the image.

Much more to follow in the next post too.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Something exciting to tell you

I am off for a very brief and unexpected trip to Paris. In fact as I type this I am waiting at the airport and even the fact that my plane is delayed is not getting me down, much....!

Mr SE has some business in Europe this week (again unexpected, did not think I would see him until I arrived back into Melbourne mid November) and, as he has a hotel room in Paris for a couple of nights it seems silly not to whizz on over there from UK and share it with him doesn't it?

Promise I will take lots of photos and let you know all about it later on.

Au revoir mes amis!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A perfect Organic Farmshop / Lifestyle shop

That is how I would describe Daylesford Oraganic Farmshop in Gloucestershire UK.

In fact, it is almost too perfect if you understand what I mean! Country life isn't really like this every day. The vegetables are all neatly laid out, the bakery is wonderful, there is a delicatessen area, a cold room for cheeses, a wine shop, a garden room, a Spa area, hideously expensive but dreamy clothes to touch (well, I can only touch - who actually buys them I wonder?) and a fabulous and yummy cafe! Phew......

Anyway, after that introduction I will leave you to meander through the photos with not too much more from me. Suffice to say I had a wonderful afternoon there yesterday. Hours spent wandering and pretending I lived in this perfect world (and surreptitiously looking out for the celebrities who use this place as their local supermarket - Stella McCartney, Jude Law etc. - that's when they are down in their homes in the countryside!) Didn't see any celebs there but have to add that my friend who accompanied me saw Stella M later on that afternoon in her village about 15 mins away!

See - a perfect specimen!!

Cheese room above (temperature controlled).

Entrance to the garden area.

Next few photos show the homewares available....

WANT those 1,2,3,4 bowls SO much.

My basket was empty at this point!

Off for some lunch..

Pigeon and beetroot salad for me.

Tomato and basil soup for my friend Ms G.

Just one little bag came back with me... Some lovely liquid hand wash and hand lotion and a pot of delicious chutney. Fairly restrained I feel!

LOVE the wire sculpture dog.

All in all a great afternoon.

For more information : http://www.daylesfordorganic.com/

Friday, October 14, 2011

Old Durham Town

These photographs were taken in Durham a couple of weeks ago when my daughter went back to begin her second year of University there. Beautiful old buildings above - Georgian and even earlier to the far right.

Durham Cathedral.

The cloisters behind the cathedral. The library where she studies (on occasions when she won't be tempted she says, by internet access -there is none in this library!) is situated just off these cloisters.

The second year student.

A bit of 'arty' photography in the sunlight!

And below a lovely cafe where we had breakfast. Flat White Cafe in Durham.

Not quite up to the standard of my 'local' in Melbourne "Collective Espresso" but pretty good all the same!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shopping, hunting, gathering and cooking.

As promised photos of our 'loot' from Singapore.

A striped Tee shirt top (I cannot resist stripes) and this one is lovely quality. From Muji.

Best buy was this beautiful dress above. Daughter modelling her LBD with a bit of detailing and difference. She fell in love with it and it had to be hers.

She also bought (at a night market in Changi village), a jade ring like the one above.

And I found a GORGEOUS ring - as the one above (top one - the moonstone orb ring but in silver). I have had to order it as they did not have my size left in stock. It is a range by a Singaporean designer called Carrie K. Absolutely loved her designs... Check her website out HERE. I may have to wait a couple of months for my ring but I am willing to do that.

And just to carry on the shopping theme when we returned to UK this lovely package was waiting for me from a few weeks back. I had ordered a cosy cashmere classic. In the sale. Remember what I say about Brora - the best cashmere in the world in my humble opinion.

Know that I will get a lot of wear out of it so it will be a good value item in the end on a cost per wear basis!

On Saturday the sun shone (you did know that for a while I had brought some very warm sunshine back with me from Australia, didn't you?!!)

We walked along beside the canal keeping our eyes peeled...

For these.......

Gathered many and took them home - into a pan with some chopped apples and later on -

A very tasty blackberry and apple crumble was produced!

Delish. Got to love an English Autumn.......