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Monday, February 28, 2011

Joining in with Jane (and showing you the table)

I am joining in with Jane, dear Flower Jane from the lovely blog that is Small but Charming today as we are showing our flowers in the house. And from me, some flowers/produce from the garden too.... Ok... tah-dah... this is the main photograph for you - my little recycled mini milk bottles with their arrangements artfully stuffed into each bottle for you....
White daisy type chrysanthemums.

Here above another view and showing off the table in all its rustic glory. Remember our friend Chris made this table - I am still impressed. We picked out the old floor boards together for the table from a Salvage yard remember... ? If not, click HERE... What I love about it is the fact there are still old paint splodges on the boards from their former life.

This is how we decided to finish off the table... To go modern with deliciously chunky painted legs. And they will (when I get round to it, promise, Mr SE) be slightly distressed with the aid of wire wool and wax later on. We have also married the table with modern chairs as you can see - I love the whole mixture thing. (Sorry about the TV being on as a back drop to the photograph)

Now back to the flowery theme of the post..

This is outside and these flowers tumble over from next door. I just know you are going to tell me they are weeds. Never mind. I like them!!

And look we have grown something this year - chillies. Our tomatoes were a dead loss though. And the cat (Button) had to get in the photo so I took a second photograph....

Lots of lovely hot chillies !!

Be sure to go on over to Jane's blog to see the other flowery offerings that are joining in too...or just go on over to check out her blog; you won't be disappointed, I'm sure.

A happy week to all.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Favourite Accessories (better late than never!)

I have arrived rather late to the party - many apologies. Janet from the wonderful blog that is The Gardener's Cottage asked us about our favourite accessories a while ago and I meant to email mine to add to the great post that she has done on the subject. However, I did not get my act together in sufficient time (story of my life I think!) so am doing a post about them now......

First off, and the one that I wear every day, is my Hermes Cape Cod watch. I can't tell you how much I love this - everything about it pleases me especially the 'double tour' strap and the gorgeous taupe colour of the leather. It was a present from Mr SE for a 'milestone birthday' 2 years ago.

Secondly this one. A horn bracelet. This is the accessory that I always reach for and would be devastated if I lost. I once took it off in a shop to sample some hand cream and left it on the counter. When I realised about 15 minutes later I retraced my steps and found it exactly where I had put it down - the relief that it hadn't gone was huge. I bought it in Lewes, in England about 7 years ago when I was shopping with my friend Stuart from FONTAINE antiques.

And then these gorgeous grey pearl earrings. Again, a present from Mr SE and perhaps these should have been second on the list - I wear them most days.

The next three photographs show my Valentine gift from yes, you guessed it, Mr SE. So whilst they are not yet on the 'most favourite accessory' list they certainly have the potential to be. An orange box... Exciting!

And look what was inside - these lovely classic tan leather sandals (and they each have their own little drawstring bag too!)

This is what they look like on. Comfortable as well as stylish too. A really lovely Valentine's gift and such a surprise!! We normally just exchange cards....

My niece will say that I am too spoilt, I know! And very lucky. Love them.....

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Embracing a bit of inner 'rock chick'

It may or may not surprise you that I am a little bit partial to a little bit of rock chick....
Must have been something to do with being heavily influenced by Fleetwood Mac whilst in my late teens / early twenties and wanting desperately to waft around looking like Stevie Nicks. Still love their music and Stevie. This scarf above below really ticks all the boxes and am happy to say was given to me for my birthday... (dear Mr SE)

A modern classic. Gorgeous. Have worn it with white floppy linen trousers and white tee and grey cotton vee neck sweater.

And, talking of rock chick the apple does not fall far from the tree.... This skulls silver 'friendship bracelet' from Links of London is currently on darling daughter's wish list. Rather lovely. For her of course. Me being ever mindful of the mutton and lamb scenario.

However, I do think that my new Chanel nail polish (Black Pearl) is also a teensy bit rock chick. The colour is most unusual. Sort of grey, sort of blue and a little bit green too. Slatey would be a good description.

Yup. I love it. And in the words of Stevie and friends - "You can go your own way" (and I will, if I so choose!).
Wednesday I am going to use it for a pedicure I have booked. Did my own nails last night just to show you the colour but I am rather loving being a little daring (for me) - usually I just wear very neutral colours on my fingernails.
Hope you all had/are having, a lovely weekend.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back from France

No, no I said - I really don't need anything this time from Paris. Especially after you brought me the Chanel ballerinas last time. Honestly..... but if you see something, well, that's another matter......
Unfortunately though as soon as Mr SE had sent that last photograph of the view from his hotel bedroom window (previous post) he really started to go downhill fast health wise and so could not do much at all during his day in Paris. Let alone lots of shopping for moi. He really did have something more than just a cold and struggled back on his flight to Australia that evening. On landing he went straight to the doctors and was diagnosed with a chronic chest infection and fever. (Now I feel guilty about the man flu comment!) . However, I was lucky and I did receive two very petite cadeaux. From Fauchon in the lovely bright pink box in the photograph above - some gorgeous dark chocolate (very good for you of course, dark chocolate)...... And, this below :

The newest nail polish from Chanel. Black Pearl. This makes me a very happy Semi Expat as it is not yet out here in Australia (yes, yes, I know we are very behind but that is the way it goes sometimes, last in line to receive goodies from Europe!) I think it hits our shores in the next couple of weeks but at the moment I feel quite exclusive ..... Its sort of a gorgeous dark grey petrol colour - will show you on my nails later on.
Now, I really, really need to go next time he has to go to France - I would have a field day hitting the shops I know!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Early morning in Paris (3rd arrondissement)

Look what Mr SE has sent me... a photograph....!!

This is the view from his hotel window... Hot off the press..

Saturday morning early in Paris... Yes, lucky Mr SE is there again. Well, maybe not quite so lucky as it sounds. He has spent the whole week in an industrial area near Lyon in France and worked very hard and also has an illness (man flu = a cold!!)... Ahhemmm.... However today (before he leaves to fly back to Australia this evening) he has the WHOLE DAY en Paris. Le sigh.... Le double sigh....

Yes, PARIS...

Readers who were with me this time last year know that he was there again at around the same time. .... Check out again about it HERE and mainly HERE you will see that he came back bearing a wonderful gift. My Chanel black ballerina shoes. (Janet from the Gardeners Cottage's favourite post from my blog!) To see a picture of my shoes scroll down to the end of THIS post....
I have said that I DO NOT NEED (different from want, of course) anything from Paris this year, dear Mr. SE...

However, he did send me these yesterday to my work as he had been away all week.... to wish me a happy weekend... They are beautiful and smell so lovely too.

And I hope your weekend, wherever you are and whatever you may be doing, is going really well...