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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A delivery from My-Wardrobe dot com

Look what arrived in the mail the other day. Well, to be honest they could not get it into my mail box and so left a little card to say it was at the local Post Office. I got home at around from work at around 5.45pm and so immediately rushed out again with my little card to see if the newsagents (where our mail counter is) was still open... Much happiness as they were, and I claimed my 'loot'!! Carefully undid the box and lifted the first layer of tissue paper.

And in photo below - down to the box wrapped in the my-wardrobe.com logo paper.

And here - tah-dah!!!

My Belstaff boots - such beauties, in antique black.

I have been searching for these high and low since I saw a similar pair in a shop in Byron Bay when we were there last month. (They only had one pair left in a size 36)

But to no avail - searched all over the internet etc. and none in my size. ANYWHRE. I emailed My Wardrobe and they suggested I kept "checking the site to see if we have a pair returned" .... Got to admit I did not hold out much hope. However, a couple of weeks ago - one pair appeared in my size - obviously FATE, and I had to have them.... Naturally. The leather is deliciously soft.

And just look at the soles - leather too, of course but with special non slip pieces on them.

Here they are in their glory...

And photos above and below show them on.
Sorry, photograph below was taken looking into the mirror - not all that great quality (UNLIKE the boots of course!)...

A little about Belstaff for those of you unfamiliar with the brand :

Belstaff - the Story:
A genuine British heritage brand, Belstaff's history can be dated back to 1924, when it was founded by father and son-in-law team Eli Belovitch and Harry Grosberg. Renowned for its legendary jackets Belstaff's patrons of the past have included motocross prodigy Sammy Miller the revolutionary Che Guevara and the ‘king of cool’ Steve McQueen.
The Collection:
A range of iconic biker jackets in original waxed cotton and leather, plus boots and bags to finish off the look.
Last Word:
With a constant demand for all things retro; Belstaff continues to recreate the iconic biker jacket it is most famous for. This brand has attitude, style and a commitment to sourcing the highest quality materials.

I love them (as you may have gathered) and am really pleased that the weather has turned very Autumnal and cool here recently giving me lots of opportunity to wear them.

Happy Semi Expat indeed.


  1. Just love those. Good leather, good craftmanship. Love belted boots, good ones are amazing.

  2. They're great!! I picked up a pair of flat boots around sale time late last year that have come in handy the last few days with the cool and wet weather. I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of them. And fate for SURE!


  3. GG and I are both boot women and we're loving these.

    Would totally wear them. 36 would work:)

    xo jane

  4. Those boots are amazing...they will last forever and what a great find. Lucky you!

  5. They are gorgeous - and I am kicking myself because I saw a knee-length pair last year in the sale, went back again (they were still there!) but I came over all frugal didn't buy them!

  6. You are one quality rock chick! Love the boots, I have a pair of Fly London boots a little similar, great length. xx

  7. A post office slip in the mail and/or a parcel are always very exciting!!
    Love the boots, very chic!

  8. Just about the cutiest boots I think I've ever seen.

  9. Very jealous of your boots. Very.

  10. Those are a thing of beauty! A top buy!xx

  11. those boots are crazy beautiful. they look great on you.
    although they don't come close to the chanel ballerina's!

  12. Oh how fun I love packages in the mail; they are really cool

  13. Classy, comfy, chic - well done you!

  14. The boots look like you have always had them!
    Strange though to think, that it is autumn down there ; )!


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