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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A card in the post

Look at this lovely card my friend S sent us. Such a nice surprise to see something in our mail box that isn't a bill or junk mail and the fact that it was quite unexpected makes it very special.

She wanted us to be included in the Diamond Jubilee flag waving patriotic fever that has gripped our homeland even though we are far away in Australia.

You are a diamond too dear S, and thank you - so thoughtful!


  1. What a lovely thoughtful friend you have xx

  2. LOVING the Jubillee!!!!!!!!! The Q is a Stalwart and a trooper xx

  3. Very patriotic!!!!
    Absolutely loving the celebrations just wish I could be there in person!!!!

  4. Loving all the pomp and pageantry!
    Three cheers to HRH...
    your friend is very thoughtful.

  5. Hope you enjoyed the Jubilee from afar!

  6. Hope you saw the footage, a great weekend for Brits

  7. You are right, not enough non bill/junk items in the post these days!!!

    You have a great friend for sure...

    Until next time, Tammy

  8. so lovely!! i loved the jubilee, the queen seemed really happy x


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