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Friday, August 3, 2012

Not faded away

Sincere apologies
 My silence does not mean I have faded away completely but I do have to report that I am well on my way to conquering the extra 6.5 kgs I wanted to lose. In fact nearly 5 have gone; (around 10.5 lbs) so I am delighted and feel much better in myself. Weight Watchers has changed since I last went. Much more choice and easy to follow too with each food being assigned a certain number of "propoints" and you are given a alloted amount of daily propoints to stick to. Must be something to do with my 'make up' but if I know I'm stepping on those scales each week and am accountable I stick to what I should be eating. And I know what to do - we all do really - its just applying it daily!! For me basically it has been to cut out (well a glass at weekends) wine, cheese, nibbles etc and to check my portion size and fill up on vegetables, fruit etc. And it's working. Hooray.
Anyway, enough of all that.
Thought I would show you a few photographs from our time away last weekend in beautiful Byron Bay in New South Wales. It's one of our favourite get away destinations and the sun shone the whole time. Pure paradise.


  1. Sounds like you are doing well with the diet but I feel that it would be hard to give up wine here in France.
    Perhaps I could replace the wine with champagne as I once heard that Champagne had less calories?

    Bon week-end à toi,

    Leeann x

  2. Wow, Byron Bay looks lovely & you look lovely. Keep on blogging!
    TNMA x

  3. Oh well done! That beach looks rather beautiful and certainly peaceful...a good place to get away from it all! xx

  4. Keep up the good work, you look great in that photo

  5. Good for you!

    That beach looks perfect. Bx

  6. Well done you....please send some warm weather back home,forecast this weekend more rain,and turning chilly.

    Like the brown top with your jeans very chic. Ida

  7. It looks beautiful - and so do you!

  8. You aren't remotely faded. In fact, you are living proof that 40 doesn't mean done with attractive:).

  9. Congrats on the weight loss so far! I have been "trying" (cough) for weeks and am stuck precisely where I started. ;)

  10. Hi Sarah,

    Well done and thanks for sharing. You may have inspired a few of us to do something about our little muffins that seem to creep up at this time of year!

    Take care, Tammy


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