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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A day in the life of a mature 'model'

Dearest, darling, daughter has today finished her 9 week course at the in Melbourne and I am proud to say that she has passed with flying colours!

I had to go into the school today as one of her assessments was 'Mature Age' make up and I offered up my mature face to another student as well as to DDD. (See result above - top left!). I have to admit I was a little overcome when the assessor said, after inspecting the makeup that my daughter had created for me - "Well, that is absolutely stunning work, well done...." I almost cried and ruined it all!! (I am such a 'sook' as they say here in Oz - roughly translated as a bit of a 'weed' or softie).

My daughter has always been artistic and has a creative streak - this was a course for her before she begins her University back in England in September. A little bit of fun before the studying begins in earnest and as it is also an accredited course would help her if she wanted to get a part time job whilst at University or do some freelance work.

She's loved it and I have rather liked have my very own 'make up artist in residence' too. I am sure even Madonna doesn't even have that luxury!


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  2. How lucky are you, and how glamorous you look.

    Did you cook the Thai chicken?

  3. you look beautiful :)
    congrats to you DDD too!

  4. Oh wow that is lovely. Very natural and flattering - you look lovely! How brilliant that you have a resident make-up artist. One of my friend's is a make-up artist but she hasn't volunteered to do mine yet. Funny that!

  5. I believe I may have told you before, I do like your smile. Congrats to your daughter!

  6. How fabulous for her and you...you look lovely and radiant!

  7. What a lovely, natural look! Congratulations to both of you!

  8. What a very clever daughter...very lucky Mum!
    Love the look and absolutely need to know the lipstick!

  9. Congratulations and you look wonderful. Love the pink lipstick.

  10. That's funny and touching about almost crying. You look lovely!

  11. It looks great! I'm sort of relieved that 'success' wasn't judged by how many different products she could pile on to you!

  12. hi sarah,

    you look so beautiful and happy too.

    my daughter-in-law is a makeup artist in hollywood. she has lots of entertaining stories for us all.


  13. You look beautiful and your hair looks fab too. Well done to your daughter as well x

  14. She's done a very good job indeed!! And who wouldn't on such a lovely model ;))


  15. You make a GORG modill. Congrats to Miss Pops, she is a FAB artist of the make-up! xxx

  16. Lucky you, you have someone to do your makeup whenever you want!
    This is coming from the woman that bought a fabulous how to makeup book and has not even opened it up yet. The joys of renovating....makeup brush sounds better than paint brush!

    Bisous, Leeann

    p.s. you look gorgeous but that comes from inside :-)

  17. Hello Semi Expat

    You look gorgeous.

    Congrats to DDD. Excellent achievement.

    SSG xxx

  18. You gorgeous thing you! I can see that talent runs true in your family Sarah. Congratulations to you both!

    I am thinking you do not look a day over 30 here..lucky you!!

    Jeanne xx

    PS..I think the weather you mentioned has finally arrived. August arrived in London with a cool breeze...where did Summer go???
    Off to Edinburgh this weekend...with a predicted rainy 17C..yikes!

  19. Great picture-you look fabulous. How wonderful to hear that she has done so well too-what a talented pair you are!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

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  21. Thank you all for the lovely and very kind comments...
    The lipstick colour for those who wanted to know is a Bourjois lip pencil - outline drawn and then colour filled in all over the lip (Colour No 11 : 'Enjoleuse') and then over the top a pale pink/nudey lip gloss - or even a clear one I would imagine. The gloss was one of the colours from the school of Make up where she was doing the course - I would imagine any pale nudey pink would work though... the lip pencil is the key (so says the make up artist in residence!) x


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