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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photos from Sydney

Apologies that it is well over a week since we returned from the beautiful city of Sydney and I have not till now shared our photographs with you. Here are quite a few to make up for lost time!

We had the most fabulous time there and look - the sun shone for us too! The eagle eyed amongst you will see that the dearest, darling daughter has had an image change and gone brunette whilst she has been in Australia. I have to admit that it was quite a shock to begin with but now I rather like it. Oh, and there is also the small addition of a nose piercing that I was not so 'cool' about - in fact I burst into tears. Yes, I know I am rather silly at times but I guess it could have been worse. (Just letting you know that all is not always a bed of roses in the Semi Expat household as may be depicted via the blog world) .....

No matter... back to our weekend. A very happy Semi Expat basking in the sunshine outside the cafe at the Museum of Modern Art in Sydney.

And on the ferry over to Manly Beach.

The iconic landmark, the Opera House .... one photograph with a very happy and smiling daughter!

Getting ready in our lovely 'marble-ized' bathroom at the hotel.

The view from the window where we had dinner.

As you can see from the shopping bags we also had some time for a little sale retail therapy too!

Quite a bit actually!

Photo above taken for us by obliging security guard at the Opera House... wonder how many times a day he gets asked we wondered!

So there we are... a selection of photographs for you. Today I am rather sad as I say goodbye to the dearest one. She flies back to UK tonight so we are off to spend the last day in Melbourne together...


  1. Beautiful photos. And I love your gray jacket.

  2. You both look so lovely and happy!

  3. Awww it looked like such a lovely weekend! And you're so lucky the weather was nice. I can't remember the last time I was in Sydney where the sun shone.

    Enjoy your day together and a safe flight back to the UK for DDD. Hopefully she can catch some sunny days.


  4. Love these pics- you both look gorg!

    So glad you enjoyed your weekend, I think it's a must to visit Sydney when in Australia XX

  5. Clearly you had a fantastic trip. You both look beautiful and very happy.

    Thanks for the Sarah Raven tip, I went directly there and remained so for quite some time. Dinner was a little bit late :)

    I know you'll miss her, pierced nose and all.

  6. Love love love the photos...great architecture too...
    this is one of those memory making trips that will be remembered fondly forever.
    You both look ab fab.

  7. Ahh it looks like you both spent some quality time together, lovely pics.

  8. Sarah - what a fabulous end to her wonderful trip! Love the brunette hair - really suits her...I know you will be feeling sad today as you gather all her stuff for packing but you can start planning the next 'get together'! Best wishes & safe travels to Poppy (if there's anything she needs please tell her to call - you know where we are!) x

  9. You two look so happy in every picture. What a great idea to save the trip to the end of your daughter´s visit. Fine memories!

  10. hi sarah,

    lovely pictures. and you are right, things could be a lot worse than a nose piercing! trust me. i love that necklace you have on whilst basking in the sun.


  11. I like your dinner view and the retail results don't look too bad, either!
    As for the nose piercing.... well, at least it wasn't a tattoo!

  12. 真正仁慈的人,會忘記他們做過的善行,他們全心投入現在的工作,過去的事已被遺忘。.................................................

  13. Lucky, lucky girls. You have me quite homesick for the city tHat I used to call home.

    Leeann x

    p.s. your daughter's new hair colour looks fab!

  14. You have such lovely, happy-looking times with your daughter - feast of memories for when she's not around. My kids drive me loopy at times, but i'm dreading when they go! Love your blog and relate to your musings!

  15. 與朋友在一起,分擔的痛苦是減半的痛苦,分享的快樂是加倍的快樂。......................................................................

  16. Sarah

    I laughed and I shed a few tear in this post. Isn't it great that we have children that who seem to always want to present us with endless surprises? I have been there on the hair colour but have not just yet on the nose piercing.

    My niece did the same and my sister-in-law is still in shock... six months on. All in all it looks like you mustered it together, put on a brave face and carried on although I am sure there was a little tug on the heart for the blonde trestles...not to worry, I am sure they will be back again someday.

    My daughter just arrived from NZ for two weeks and is cooking away. She is looking worse for wear but I will not tell her that...I am sure two weeks at home will put her back to good health.

    It is putting her back on the plane that is never easy...I shed a tear for you here...

    Thinking of you...

    Jeanne xx

    PS..I think your daughter looks fab as a brunette!


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