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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cabbages and Roses

Many apologies - I have been away for far too long from my blog and have neglected catching up on all of yours too.

Darling daughter has flown away again and I have to admit to feeling very miserable. Have to get myself out of this downward spiral somehow so what better way to share with you this jolly striped new fabric from the English company 'Cabbages and Roses' today. Especially for all you lovers of black and white and I know that there are a few out there.

And isn't the second photograph gorgeous? Love the lamps particularly.

Do take a peek at their website - www.cabbagesandroses.com Am sure you will enjoy.

This weekend I am going to be enjoying playing catch up with all my favourite blogs.


  1. Love that fabric! Sorry you're feeling blue, hope your spirits pick up soon.

  2. I have been thinking about you so very excited to see you pop up on my blog reader.

    Sending you a big hug. Hope you feel better soon.

    xo Jane

  3. Aaah how lovely - the first two comments have come through so quickly - DP and Flwerjane thank you and I DO feel better already through your kind words... X

  4. Welcome Back!

    Love the black and white...you are speaking my language here!

  5. Great fabric and hello again, S!

    Hope you feel a little better over the Easter break!

    Take care

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  6. i LOVE the fabric. thankyouverymuch. i've been wondering where you were and hoping you are well. i think the reason i don't take a blog break is b/c i know i'd have so much to catch up on. if i were you i'd just skip the catch up and pretend you didn't miss a day!


  7. Welcome back! I know it must be hard when DD goes back but hopefully it's not long til you see her again!

    Will definitely let you know when I am next in Melbourne. Likely to be in July at some point!

    Love the fabric. Terribly chic.

  8. Hostess - thought of you particularly with the black and white!

    SSG - Thanks, am sure a little Easter break will be good and then of course the Royal Wedding - things are looking up!

    Janet - thought you would appreciate the fabric too - you are so right about catching up though - will have to skim read!!

    Miss Kitts - thanks for your kind words - a little over 5 months till I see the darling one again! It would be good to catch up when you are next in Melbourne - great.

  9. Gorgeous fabric. Lovely to have you back and hope you feel your usual self soon.

    Take good care.

  10. Sent a comment via my phone, which I am worried didn't make it! Was just saying that I am so glad you had such a wonderful time with your girl, and I hope the memories ease you through the heartache. hugs hugs! Bxx

  11. Hope you took some nice photos of your daughters visit, photos always make me feel better.

  12. Beautiful stwipes!! That would look gorg on your table. See you soon XXXX

  13. Your blog brake is totally understood. No apologies needed.
    I took a look at the link and found especially the dresses charmingly girly!

  14. I have been somewhat absent from blogging land, too...
    I really hope your blues have flown away by now - they are unwelcome guests, I know.


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