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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We're back... or Byron Bay Part II

We returned last night after our mini break in this beautiful part of Australia.

 We are all revitalised and refreshed and it's good to be home in Melbourne although we all fell in love with Byron Bay. No wonder with sunsets like the one above in the first two photographs. In the second photo darling daughter is taking her own photos of the sunset too.
 We stayed just up this little hill on Lighthouse Road...
 Cute lime green frog above hiding amongst the leaves.
 Above photo - spot the dolphins. You'll  have to look very carefully though - middle of the photo - small black fins!  (no, NOT sharks!)
 Cape Byron - the most Easterly point of the Australian mainland. 
My new sandals from Hermes enjoyed their inaugural outing too.. Here they are at Watego Beach.

Next post I will tell you about the shopping... there were a few very lovely and extremely tempting shops in Byron Bay...

(and thank you Kate B for your great suggestions of where to eat in Byron - in the previous post we had just had breakfast at the place you mentioned- the Cafe on the Beach (2nd photo in that post) and we also went to the Tapas place on the Balcony you suggested - lovely.)


  1. Beautiful images. Good to hear you had a great and relaxing time. Look forward to hearing all about the shopping! How was that book?
    Rebecca x

  2. Oh, your pictures are just stunning! Adding this to my list of places to visit when we someday visit that part of the world. So glad you had a fun and refreshing time!

  3. oh that beach looks stunning. i could use a beach vacation right about now. can't wait to hear about all the shopping.


  4. What beautiful images and it looks warm there we are chilly here...and to be able to wear sandals and not just any sandals...Hermes baby! WOW!

    Excited...and eagerly awaiting the shopping details!

  5. Oh those sunset photos are just so beautiful!
    One of these days....I'm going to Oz.

  6. Oh how beautiful. My son spent a summer traveling from Cairns to Sydney and loved it. Loved it. Beautiful.

  7. Hooray! You're all back!! I LOVED Cape Byron, so pretty. Gorg pics XXX

  8. So glad you had such a lovely trip - it is a truly beautiful part of the world.

  9. Beautiful! I could use a break just like it...

  10. I know that places like the ones you posted, exist, but I have never even thought that I could visit one.
    Therefore it is so nice of you to share your pictures. Thank you.

  11. BB is such a great mother-daughter destination.

    Glad you enjoyed.


  12. Byron Bay looks absolutely gorgeous. Great images, they really make me feel like going there. Think I'd love going anywhere in Oz - such a fantastic country. Hm...any chance you could extend your offer of letting me visit until next year if I'm in better health then...? ;)

    Lucky you got to see some dolphins, too - I've only seen dolphins once in the wild, on a island hopping tour in Greece in the 90's. It was an awesome experience that I would truly enjoy should I get to see it once again.

  13. You have really cute toes!


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