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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Paris Pics Part II. And Purchases

At last I hear you say..... what on earth has she been doing ? - that Halloween post has been up way too long (or that was Mr SE told me in no uncertain terms last night when he rang from Australia!) So without further ado here are a selection of the photos from our very quick trip to Paris which now seems like AGES ago. My time in England too is drawing to a close far too quickly - I return back to Melbourne early next week and I am running round in circles trying to get things done. Also there is a certain birthday to celebrate at the end of this week - darling daughter's. (Very exciting)
Photo above - me deciding that I had to do like the French femmes and wear a (small) heel for one of our days out and about!

Mr SE in Place de la Concorde. Ritz Hotel just behind.

Hanging out around CHANEL - Rue Cambon.

Ici, je 'leche les vitrines'!

Above and below - pics snapped in Laduree.

Outside John Galliano's local. This is the bar where he made his infamous comments.... It was PACKED with people spilling out over the pavements each evening.

Gorgeous restaurant where we enjoyed a lovely dinner. Marais district.

Place des Vosges.

So lovely and sunny - we were lucky with the weather.

This is where they store all the leaves - no wonder it all looked so beautiful !

Whilst I was sitting in cafes and watching the world go by I made a few observations/notes regarding fashion and things I had seen on the street as follows :

  • Lots of short jackets (especially leather), with skinny legged jeans/pants with boots

  • Scarves, scarves, scarves - all tied with a twist or big chunky wool 'snoods'

  • If not slim legs then wide tweedy type 70's pants (worn with a heel)

  • Man-ish long jackets as coats, again in tweed

  • A lot of tan coloured leather in both bags and boots

  • Many chic women with GREY hair - either in geometric short cuts or longer more casual in style.

  • Although in the main there were lots of neutrals the odd pop of colour in a coat or pants appeared quite a bit

See my two photos below captured surreptitiously from the cafe to illustrate my last point.!!

Bright red coat... and

working a coloured jean en francais.

Sorry this post is rather long... quickly now, onto purchases...

Went a bit mad in MONOPRIX of all places and bought a navy cashmere v neck and a very nice 'Margaret Howell-ish' fine striped shirt with teeny weeny buttons... All at fabulous prices of course.

And a huge bottle of this wonderful body lotion at a great price... Very pleased with my bargains.

Oh, and talking of buying things also succumbed to these leopard delights last week!

They definitely called my name and will be great back in Oz... (Summer is around the corner and will look good with well, err...most things I figured, especially tan chino type pants/trousers)

So there we are, a round up of the last of the Paris pics and a few little bits and bobs! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. you look so great sarah. so does the mr. what a stylish couple you make. love the pics and the fashion report. much love to you both. xo janet

  2. Janet got here first but may I add to the acclaim?

    You both look tres chic, I love your hair length and is he wearing a pink shirt?

    Now I want a pair of colored jeans. Non smoking reward, what?

    Fast trip back to Melbourne, be waiting for you to resurface.

    xo Jane

  3. Beautiful chic purchases, and how perfect is Mr SE's scarf, tied with French flair.

  4. I love this post 11 million/10!!! You all look amazing, I love the Marais too esp Place des Vosges. Thanks for the fashion round up. I hope you'll post more snaps. Love it that Mr SEIO is embracing COLOUR!!!!! Baby says hello-no crawling yet but rolling like a maniac xxx

  5. Oh Is that a Chanel carrier bag I spy in your hand in one of your lovely photos?

    Loved all your photos. Mr. SEIO looks so stylish!

  6. These pictures are lovely, everything looks amazing; I so want to go on a vacation after seeing these pictures, I bet you had a great time and you look so beautiful, glowing really! You have a lovely blog and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  7. Thanks for a little breath of Paris - love the leopard print pumps.

  8. So glad to know Grey hair is chic in Paris - so I am ok!

  9. I am so jealous of your Paris trip! I am hoping to take Baby G next year for her first visit. There will be lots of Bonpoint and Petit Bateau purchased methinks!

    You look so stylish! I'm not so sure about coloured jeans on my be-hind but others seem to rock them well.

    K xx

  10. Had to smile 'hanging about Chanel' I expected to see your back vanishing inside!

    You look chic,slim and elegant is that a snood you are wearing? Lots of women were wearing them in London..not sure whether I will follow!

    Will you be sad to leave England next week or do you feel OZ is more your home now? Ida

  11. You're a veritable dish! Go you! And go v-neck cashmere sweaters with button fronts underneath:).

  12. Oh Sarah, how I wish we could shop together! First off, you and Mr. SE are looking very trendy and tres chic. Love, love, love your photos and your list. Two or three things I have been secretly thinking about....manish long coat, a red coat and a v-neck cashmere top just like the one you purchased...I am thinking Margaret Howell-ish too...now that you mention it. As always, we are on the same wave length. Thanks for the trip...and I forgot to mention....LOVE THE LEOPARD! Enjoy your final days in England...just think, you are going back to SUNSHINE!

    Jeanne xx

  13. You both look fabulous, very Parisian Chic and how more chic can you be, than walking by/into Chanel!?!

    Leopard flats are fantastic too!

    I use Avene face cream and love it. Hope you enjoy the body lotion.

  14. Lovely, lovely pictures.
    You look really elegant in all the pictures, same goes with your husband.
    The cage for leaves is brilliant.
    A question: What is in the Chanel bag?
    Thank you for the many pictures : )

  15. I love Paris, the Marais, your leopard print pumps, Avene! Looks like you had a fabulous time - and that first photograph of you is fantastic.

  16. Thanks for sharing this lovely pictures, a lot of memories for me ;)


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