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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Flower Party

I am sandwiching this post amongst my Paris ones as I promised to go over and join Jane at Small but Charming for her Halloween flower extravaganza and I may be late for the party if I don't hurry! Above this little ghostie has a little tea light inside and his eyes light up in a suitably ghoulish manner!! We have had him ages and I always like to have him sitting out somewhere on 31st October...

Two pics above from a few weeks ago but I thought the colours were good for today.. a lovely bouquet of flowers that Mr SE sent me when I arrived back in UK.

And finally tah dah! Daughter and I hallowed out this pumpkin last week when I went up to visit her at Durham University... Hope it has lasted until tonight as they are throwing a Halloween party.

Happy Halloween to one and all.


  1. Our first lit pumpkin...who would have thought is would come from Blighty.

    As Sherri B., said...it's a spooktacular success.

    xo jane

  2. We don't have any Halloween decorations but I did go to my friends seven-year-old twin daughters' party yesterday - which was scary!
    PS Your Paris trip looks fabulous.

  3. Great pumpkin carving! The roses are spectacular too.

  4. I love the roses! I miss the roses here, frozen Saturday night during our first snow. The jack O lantern is perfect!

  5. Lovely pumpkin orange mums, and what a swell ghosty lamp. I too appreciate how you and your daughter carved the pumpkin. Very nice!

  6. Your flower arranging is almost as good as your Mother's!

  7. What a loving husband you have! The surprise date in Paris, the flowers..
    You are a lucky woman :)

  8. Oh dear I have missed so much that I have no idea where you are at present!!!! The pumpkin is a delight but I must now chase down your writings to find out what has been going on!!! xx

  9. Those flowers from Mr SE are divine!!

    We missed Halloween here - it passed us by in a blur of nappy changes and midnight breastfeeding!

    K xx


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