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Friday, March 9, 2012

Wonderful wallpapers

Last weekend we went on a 'jaunt' with MIL and SIL and ended up "noseying" around a couple of show houses in Melbourne.... In one of the houses there was a lovely study area and the walls had this wallpaper on them below... Of course I could not resist whipping out my iphone and taking a quick pic! And then doing some detective work to find out where it had come from.

Have since found out that it is by Deborah Bowness - another image above from her website. Such a talented designer and English too !

From her website : http://www.deborahbowness.com/

Deborah Bowness presents an original style of decorating. Her unique and timeless designs furnish interiors spaces with an extra dimension. A bold statement made quietly. Trompe I'oeil with a twist. Beautiful and functional. Wallpapers by Deborah Bowness are hand made in England. The combination of digital printing, silk screen printed colour and hand painting, makes every drop of wallpaper unique. Working in a small factory in Yorkshire, our expert crew of printers also hand mix our colours, hand cut the paper, hand make our screens and hand package the finished pieces.

And talking of English designers, Andrew Martin is one of my all time favourites... Just look at these images below all from his 'Inventor Collection' of wallpapers.

Multi coloured books wallpaper above

And in the 'stone' (or black and white) colourway above...

And here above in the 'Leather' version. So beautiful.

Also from the same collection this Penny stamps wallpaper... Below in the red...

And here above in the original Penny Black colourway.

For more information about Andrew Martin - website is http://www.andrewmartin.co.uk/

Hopefully one day I will be able to use one of these gorgeous designs.


  1. Fabulous post. There is a salon du the nearby who have used the faux livres wallpaper and it looks fabulous hence I am also keen to use it but just need to find a space :-)

    Bon week-end a toi,

    Leeann x

  2. I do have to ask...if you use this wallpaper...where do you put the real books?!!!!!!
    But it does look rather natty! xx

  3. Wow, I love those wallpapers!! But I'm crazy about anything trompe l'oeil as it add so much interest and dimension to a room.

  4. i have this wallpaper saved in my files. it is so gorgeous. thanks for sharing sarah!

  5. How marvelous! Thank you for showing us.

  6. I am IN LOVE with this wall paper, I have the perfect wall, but I think I will need to start saving my pennies as it would need alot of this...love the chair in the stamp room too, have a good weekend

  7. Oh, how lovely. I adore wallpapers. I can't wait to do our house!

    K xx

  8. The bookshelf wallpaper can be really interesting, as are the ones you have in your pictures.
    My older daughter likes them too.
    In a special place, at a special time, why not?

  9. Oh I really like the Deborah Bowness wallpapers - one of my friends sells them in her shop!

  10. It's the ZETAS..baby..and they are MENEIN and they are EVERYWHERE.
    And they got explosives for the STARZ!
    CARMEN- FRADO is that gig.
    And now COMOU doing that DIRDAYST with POPERS!

  11. Thanks all for your comments..

    Leeann - Bet the salon du the is gorgeous!
    Jules - yes agree with you re : the book space problem- think I would just do one wall and then have bookshelves on the other walls!
    D-P - yes know what you mean about trompe l'oeil - just love it!
    Janet - great minds and all that!
    James - a pleasure. Hope all well with you?
    Lilac in M - agreee, love the chair too.
    Miss Kitts - looking forward to seeing your house as it materialises on the blog!
    Mette - yes, agree - why not?
    TNMA - Oh how exciting you have a friend with a shop that sells Deborah B's wallpapers. I would never be out of it!


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