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Friday, May 4, 2012

Loving this new cleanser

This was my preferred cleanser of choice; that was when I bought it duty free or in Europe or when I felt like splashing out..... Worked well, very refreshing and a clear liquid. You use it straight onto a cotton wool pad and wipe gently over the face. Amazing how much grime and dirt always seem to appears on those pads!  


Anyway, lately I have become extremely attached to this cleanser below.  About a third of the price of the Lancome one and works exactly the same.... Clear cleansing liquid onto a cotton pad and then wiped gently over the face. Removes all trace of makeup including eye makeup. It has a very lovely light fragrance and makes my skin feel super smooth and clear.

Definitely recommend this product!! 
               (*Best price I have found for it in Australia is in Chemist Warehouse where it's around $23). 

Have you tried either product?  Or do you have a favourite that you swear by?

A great weekend to everyone.


  1. Avene has some great products. Tish from A Femme d'un Certain Age turned me onto the Bioderma ABC (which is actually a baby cleanser, but works great for removing makeup too). It's about $30 for a liter bottle that lasts me a good 6-9 months.

  2. Oh I love Avene products. Always use their suncream.

  3. Have heard good things about Avene products,but will stick with my tried and works for me pot of Crow's cremine creme. Ida

  4. i would love to like the cheaper products, but they just never do much for my skin. at the moment i'm into aesop.



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