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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Autumn picnic

Melbourne is so beautiful at the moment and the trees are particularly lovely - golden and red hues everywhere which makes Autumn my favourite time of the year.

Over last weekend we went up to the Dandenong ranges (about 45 mins from us) and took a picnic. There is something really fun I think about a 'non summer' picnic !! The weather was cool but crisp and sunny and we also have a special visitor from England. My 80 year old father arrived on Friday evening and it's so nice to have him here staying with us.
Here he is having just arrived at Melbourne Airport. Sophie my niece on the left.

Below pics of the picnic - ham rolls and hot soup!

Dad and Mr SE checking out the camera settings.

The view from our picnic table

More of that same view... Just beautiful.

Hope you are enjoying what ever season you are in according to the hemisphere! 
Happy Days!


  1. How wonderful to have a picnic with your dad in that gorgeous autumn countryside. It all looks just fabulous.

  2. Hi Sarah, What a lovely picnic. And what a lovely father! Do hope you all had a wonderful time.
    The trees up in the hills are on their last autumnal leaves, so it would have been glorious up there.
    If you want to go again, you are all very welcome to stay at our house while we're away. Just email me and I'll send you the address and a note where the keys are hidden. (A friend has been staying but she comes and goes.) You and your husband may like a weekend up there, but there's plenty of room for your dad and niece too!
    Hugs from New England, Janelle

  3. how wonderful to be surrounded by, not one, but two handsome men! it's quite hot as we are approaching summer here. i love an autumn picnic. xo

  4. How wonderful to have a picnic like that, and what beautiful people you all are.

  5. What a wonderful thing to do together and such a beautiful spot to enjoy your picnic. xx

  6. Oh Sarah the Dandenongs in Autumn are truly beautiful how lovely your Dad was here in time to see it!
    Have a wonderful time together. xx

  7. It's good to see such happy family life, and in such lovely surroundings.

  8. An autumn picnic sounds idyllic :-)
    I do love Mr. Se's sense of style, the casual manner in which he wears his scarf is something I aspire to.

  9. You look so happy -- and so pretty.


  10. How lovely to have your father visiting....does not look like 80,maybe 65.

    Enjoy your family time together.Ida

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  12. so sweet! and did he do a 24 hour flight wearing a tie!?!?! haha


  13. You should frame the first picture of the view! It really is picturesque!

  14. Lovely photos, of your family and the views

  15. Glorious Sarah...your family and that view! I hope you managed a celebration of your own last weekedn for the Queen's Jubilee...what an occasion! Nothing but rain in London, we had a glimpse of sun today but now it is under cover for the weekend. I am getting use to it. We moved in four weeks...can't believe my time in England is coming to an end...at least for this trip.
    Best wishes Sarah...
    Jeanne xx


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