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Friday, August 28, 2009

First day

Well, I am back after a very busy first day at the very beautiful shop Peony - proud because I managed to get through on my own and balanced takings etc. at the end of the day too.... - yes, I know it may sound a bit pathetic but I was a little nervous - like a five year old on the first day at school....!

We had quite a few new customers saying that they had read about the store in the Melbourne Magazine which came out today with the daily newspaper -'The Age' - apparently Peony is quoted as one the top 5 perfumeries in the area (and we were listed first too - so all good). I love The Age - mainly because of the Saturday GW (Good Weekend) magazine that comes with the newspaper and the fact that the wonderful Maggie Alderson writes there each week too - fantastic!!

Sorry, I really meant also to post a photograph of what I wore for the first day.... but I have not really figured out A. how to take a photograph without the flash appearing in the mirror and B. how to upload to the post - hopefully will sort it out this weekend... - LATER!!! have now figured out how to do this so... this is what I wore - dress - Lounge Apparel (Australian make - one of my favourite dresses - so easy to wear and comfortable too) - underneath - T.Shirt by American Vintage - quite sheer on its own but lovely as a 'layering' garment, leggings by ?? sorry, can't remember where I bought them but definitely in Austalia and metallic slingback flat shoes by Boden (UK) - oh and turquoise and antique silver necklace bought on a holiday 9 years or so ago in Istanbul, Turkey....
Bon Weekend to all.......


  1. Lucky you, what a gorgeous place to work. I love the shop facade and the vase with the roses is gorgeous!

    Bon courage


    ps welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :-)

  2. Thank you Leeann for your kind words - I was soooo excited to see that I had a 'follower' - you are the first, and then to see that it was you from one of my favourite Blogs has really made my day! :-) - back in the shop on Tuesday - I am doing Tuesday to Friday each week...

  3. Wow, looking after a business is almost as responsible as baby-sitting - good for you and it sounds like you have some friendly customers!

  4. Struggler - Thank you, yes, it is at times (!) and especially at the end of the day when I check, check and double check all the locks, alarm etc. - would hate for anything to go wrong whilst I am looking after Peony!!

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