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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Introductions and hello

Ok... so here I am - I have pondered about doing a blog for a while now and having decided to give myself a go I though I would try with 3 weeks or so to see if all works out - so, .....why now?

Well, this Friday I am beginning a 3 week session 'caretaking' a beautiful business in Melbourne, Australia (my home for some of the time - hence the title of this blog - "Semi Expat "- more about that in a later post) ...... The business I am looking after and running on a temporary basis is a fantastic boutique perfumery called Peony www.peonymelbourne.com.au owned by a dear friend of mine who is going off to Europe (Paris and Florence - not that I am jealous at all of course!) - well she IS going on business (but I am sure she will enjoy herself and get a little shopping done too, and why not?)

I thought I would write about my time working there at the end of each day and make a record - really for me to look back on too as a sort of diary and to see how I get on ..... also, I thought I would post a photograph each day of what I wore to work as the owner of Peony - the lovely Miss J, wears beautiful clothing to work with a fair smattering of Chanel (not that I have much of that - a lovely and very treasured necklace from Mr SE given to me recently for a 'big' birthday which I will wear - probably at least once during the babysitting process of the shop) and I have got some ideas of outfits to put together to wear in such a lovely shop....... So here goes - tomorrow afternoon I go to Peony to get all my final instructions from the lovely Miss J and to pick up the keys ready for Friday morning... wish me luck!

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