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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A 'Semi-Expat'

I said earlier that I would write a bit about the title of the Blog and why I term myself as a 'semi-expat...... I am English and live part of the time in UK (in the West(ish) part of England about 40 mins from Stonehenge and 45 mins from the beautiful city of Bath) in a very tiny village between the market towns of Devizes and Marlborough - both great places each with a weekly market and each with their own special charms.

For the rest of my time I am very lucky to live in the vibrant and wonderful City of Melbourne in Australia. My husband was offered the opportunity of a job in Melbourne back in September 2006 and he "ummed and aaahed" about taking it for a while as I said that at that time I could not join him full time as my daughter (my DDD - dearest darling daughter, actually!) (his step daughter) had not finished her education in England.

Eventually in January 2007, Mr SE decided that the opportunity to work in Australia was too good to ignore and I also wanted him to follow his dreams too and he came out to Melbourne. It has not been easy I have to admit and the first few months were horrendous - he thought he had made an awful mistake but we have persevered and we have managed to see each other regularly since then - me coming over to Australia for a few months at a time and he with regular travel for work back to Europe too. We truly do have a long-distance marriage but it does work for us - when we are apart we speak twice a day on the telephone and we also email each other once a day too.

This July my DDD finished her education and is now taking a 'gap year' before University in September 2010 - at the moment she is back in our cottage in UK and hopes to earn some money before coming out here to Melbourne in January 2010 with VHB (very handsome boyfriend!) for a few months to live with us, work locally and then take the opportunity to do some travelling around Australia.

So there we are - the background to the title of the Blog... and sorry, have not yet this weekend mastered the art of uploading photographs - promise I will next time :-)


  1. Lucky you, sounds like you have the best of both worlds. I lived in Bristol for a while and spent a lot of time in the SW which I really enjoyed.Bath is a fabulous city and I also like Glastonbury as there are some great shops and nice cafes.

    A bientot,


  2. Hi Leeann - yes, I know Bristol too quite well as my sister in law lives there - also Harvey Nichols apparently has opened in the City now (well a few months back I think) so MUST get back there again when I next go back to UK! Have not been to Glastonbury for years - another place I should visit soon I think....

  3. Wow, that is about as long-distance as it can get, and certainly somewhat complicated, but hopefully you really are enjoying the best bits of both cultures and appreciating each country for its own charms.
    As a Brit who is about to notch up 5 years in California, I guess I am now pure ex-pat and there are times when I feel extremely nostalgic for Blighty.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  4. Love your Blog, Struggler (and by the way I don't think you sound like you are 'struggling' at all - you come over as very together and accomplished!) and it also reminded me of my time living in California (LA) when I was in my early twenties (sigh, oh to be there again and that young again):-)


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