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Sunday, June 13, 2010

New shoes and another new/older purchase

Last week I purchased these ballet shoes above..... They are black suede and the most comfortable shoes I have tried on in a long, long time.....It was an immediate decision - "Yes, I'll take them please" - and I almost thought about buying a second pair exactly the same (isn't that what fashion savvy professionals tell us to do?!!) Okay, I know - another pair of plain black ballet shoes, but the thing that makes these stand out from so many others (apart from the comfort factor) is.........

The small (very small - undetectable when looking at the shoe from the front) little wedge which automatically lengthens the leg - and I am sure, unless you are 6ft nothing with legs that go on forever this is a Good Thing....! ('She Wore it Well' (great blog btw) would not need the extra wedge to lengthen hers - lucky girl!!)

Anyway, I digress...These lovely shoes came from The Ark shop near me and also they were very good value too for a pair of handmade shoes (with their own little cotton drawstring bag too) - $89.00. Amazing. www.theark.com.au

Secondly, this purchase - made about 3 months ago at the place advertised above..... A pair of classic wool straight leg black trousers at a discounted price.... About a third of their original cost.
Lovely quality, great fit and for me a good shape with a flat front and a side zip - perfect... Only trouble is I have to take them to be shortened... I still have not done so - I MUST this week....Apparently Armani trousers are never supplied hemmed - that part you have to do yourself !!

Ah well, you can't win 'em all, all the time!!


  1. Great finds Sarah...I have searched high and low for ballet flats. I am not a regular user but thought I would try again this summer. Yours look perfect...I just like a bit of a heel. I am 5'8" but still feel legs always look better with a bit of a heel:)

    I bought a pair of unhemmed Max Mara pants a few years back and I think it took me about three years before I had them hemmed!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend...


  2. Dear SSG, lovely shoes, really like those. Also like the Armani trews, I sympathise with delay on getting them hemmed, weeks ago I took a dress to be altered and just can't seem to get round to collecting it! Am now off to check out She Wore it Well,as delaying tactic on kitchen floor cleaning and Sunday lunch cookingBx

  3. Love the ballet flats with a bit of a rise! It doesn't matter to me if pants are hemmed or not because I always have to have them shortened!

  4. Love everything. Am cold here. Hope you are warm and snug x

  5. Black flats are ALWAYS a good thing. And I'm jealous of your Armani pants.

  6. hi sarah,

    i'm sure your new black flats will reside quite comfortably next to the chanel's. while this is a great story it does not quite live up to the chanel story. i guess all our shoes cannot be purchased with such a romantic vibe, now can they?

    have a lovely day.


  7. Very savvy purchases...and who doesn't love comfy classic shoes?
    You'll have fun wearing and pairing these 2 basics...applause from here!

  8. Great shoes! I will definitely look for them. Also love the trousers.

    SSG xxx

  9. Nice shoes - they'll look gorgeous with the Armani trousers. Trés chic!

  10. Never knew that about Armani, but it's not likely I'll ever be purchasing any, so that's OK.
    Very pretty shoes - you're right, the wedge will have a nice effect.

  11. Perfect. I live in ballet flats, not a heel wearer ( unfortunately since I'm only 5'2") but I don't have any in suede. Now I have a shopping goal.

    Living vicariously. Good way to go.

  12. 當一個人內心能容納兩樣相互衝突的東西,這個人便開始變得有價值了。.........................

  13. Ahh my dear, could you be any sweeter??? xxxx

    How about I swap you the legs, I wish I could buy a pair of trousers that I needed to take up, if only once!! :(

  14. I love the subtle wedge. It makes shoes so much better! That's what my favorite boots have- and that is why. You stand so much better in them!

    I am ending a giveaway on my blog today. It's a really pretty necklace that would look oh-so-lovely with your new purchases. :) You should come enter at www.aspiringkennedy.com


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