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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Something old, something new = a great mix

Something old - well not that old but I have had it since the Summer of 2005 (or was it Summer 2006?) no matter, all I know is that I have used it many, many times. So, on a cost per wear/use basis my lovely, squishy leather orange Anya Hindmarch bag has been an extremely good purchase. It's great at this time of the year (Autumn here remember, in the Southern Hemisphere) - I could even blend in with the foliage if I so wished (!) and equally good for the Summer months when I wear white linen trousers for example and tan leather sandals. It's a great shot of colour with neutrals and a good mood enhancing hue.

Now, this photograph above shows my new scarf - a fabulous leopard print with orange and tan stripes at each end and even nicer is that it was a present from my darling girl so it is extra special. She has excellent taste (I have tried to teach her well!) and knows that I am very partial to a little bit of leopard.

So you can imagine that this pairing of the old and the new .....

is very satisfying to me.
Hope everyone is having a very happy weekend wherever you are or whatever you may be doing....


  1. Beautiful. Lovely bag and scarf. Your daughter has good taste (inherited, of course!)

  2. What a beautiful scarf, I hope my daughters grow to have such good taste (but only when spending their own money)
    I am sure when she is back o/s you will think of her with each wear

  3. Dear SEP, I love that bag, I want that bag, I have recently developed a longing for an orange bag and your one is fab. Also love the scarf, I have also found myself hovering near leopard print scarves in shops but have resisted - so far - yours is much, much nicer than any I have seen..blightyx

  4. Tres chic. Orange appears to be my color of choice in clothing this summer ( though our temperature stays in the 90's). Nice to think of fall and the coolness to accessorize. hope your weekend is going well.

    xoxo Jane

  5. hi sarah,

    while i'm so happy we are in summer here in southern california i have to tell you that fall is probably my favorite season. i can picture you in a pair of jeans, white shirt, chanel ballerina flats, that bag and that scarf and i must say i'm jealous. have mr se take a pic of you in it!


  6. Anya Hindmarch makes really lovely, classic bags, and yours is no exception! I visited their Vegas store earlier this year and was very impressed with the designs and quality. LOVE the scarf...perfect for autumn!

  7. They work so well together. I am really glad that someone else justifies the expense, at a cost per wear!!!!

  8. I love the combination here...fall colours for sure...autumnal!
    We are getting into summer, and it is starting to warm up so I am thinking of a straw bag and a light gauzy scarf!

  9. I agree with the others. The bag and scarf go well together. You most certainly have taught your daughter well!!

  10. love the scarf!! and i PROMISE i'm coming for the W's this week xoxo

  11. Good mix up



  12. Both the bag and the scarf are divine! Love the design and colors. Just let me know if you tire of it and decide to sell it on Ebay or something. :D

  13. What a fabulous combination, you obviously have a very stylish daughter the apple never falls far from the tree, you are going to look very chic in your new ensemble, I was going to say it looks very summery, then I remembered you were in Oz, but I suspect winter over there is probably like an English Summer.

  14. What a fantastic gift Sarah and I love the bag.
    You are going to look tres chic around the streets of Melbourne.
    I am not going to add Anya Hindmarch to my list,
    I just love shopping with you :)

    jeanne :) :)

  15. Wonderful pairing - the bag on its own was great but with the scarf, it's a killer!

  16. That's a lovely bag and it's not THAT old, goodness! Very clever, adding a scarf...


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