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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sofas of the most gorgeous kind

Namely, these Kilim Sofas made by George Smith - a long established English furniture company. I have admired and loved from afar for years! They cost a 'King's Ransom' as they say, but how lovely are they?
Each sofa and chair is made by hand and they are deliciously squashy and comfortable too. They also make plain sofas but I think these made from antique kilims are so unique and are their 'signature look '.

My friend Jo is lucky enough to own not one but TWO!! Here above is a photograph of her sitting room showing the gorgeousness! I will add here that in her 'former life' she worked in Interior Design so picked these up in the George Smith sale and was able to apply her discount too but even then she hid the exact purchase price from her husband!

Above is my own 'home-designed' version of a George Smith wing chair!! This I had made up in a small and dusty shop in Istanbul, Turkey when we were on holiday there years ago and after much bartering and 'too-ing' and 'fro-ing' regarding the price it was shipped back to England as the finished article 6 weeks later! Thankfully it turned out well and I was delighted and still love it, although one day maybe, just maybe I might own a George Smith hand made one!
Everyone has to dream......
First image and logo from the George Smith website - other images - me.


  1. The couches look so comfy.....and classy.
    Recline and relax...in sublime comfort.

  2. The sofas look gorgeous! I really like your easy chair, too. I find myself very much drawn towards the exotic patterns.

  3. Fantastic, worth every pound I imagine.

    I do love your chair though, and it is a one off. Even better!

    Glad you're back. Have missed you.

    xoxo Jane

  4. Love these. I own a few kilims -they'd look divine covering some furniture. Have misse dyour posts!

  5. Hello there - I've missed your posts too. Welcome back blog buddy! Love the sofa at the top, it's gorgeous, we have a smallish vintage leather number which is not very comfortable so I'd love something big and squidgy.

  6. How beautiful! Alas my dogs would make short work of this!

  7. There is a difference between an antique kilim and a new kilim. The sofa is great in the right surroundings. Old or modern. Your friend´s sofa looks like nest for the entire family. Hold on to your dream!

  8. hi sarah,

    i love your chair. how smart of you!

    i too love george smith sofas. i would love a navy velvet one. but i think i'll retire instead.


  9. Those are fabulous prints. Your chair is an excellent piece, well done! Next year, we're getting our furniture re-upholstered, I hope. It's a mess.

  10. Those look absolutely gorgeous. I love your chair. My only concern would be comfort. In California we are always sitting on sofa in shorts. Do they itch?

  11. Oh you are all so lovely welcoming me back again when really I have been rather lacking in motivation and incredibly busy with a new job and finishing off the last one /helping out with Perfume shop too - more about ALL that in a later post...
    Glad you like the sofas and my wing chair but YES, LPC you are so right. There is the (minor!) drawback that with bare legs they are a tad itchy! However, in UK we didn't often get the weather for complete nudity on the legs :-) !

  12. Gorgeous sofas!

    I like your self design the best though.

    SSG xxx

  13. Mmm, what a great look.
    And I was nodding in agreement; bare legs and Britain are a rare thing!

  14. Sarah..I love your chair and even more so due to the history behind it.
    Your right about George Smith anything...to own just one would be heaven but two would be out of this world!! Lucky friend :)

    Jeanne xxx

  15. I've sent you an email re: Sydney!! xx

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