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Thursday, July 1, 2010

This photo goes with the post below

This is what I was served for dinner... how sweet - 'M' for Ma on my chicken and veggie pie - all homemade - read the post below to see who made it !! And, I have to say, it was absolutely delicious - even more so that I did not have to think about what was for dinner tonight.


  1. How very nice from your daughter! Sometimes these young ladies just surprise us in the sweetest way : )

  2. Lucky you Sarah! Looks wonderful - what a treat after a long day! I have GG & her BF here from Sydney but don't think I will be as lucky..her thoughts are rather far from food I think! xx

  3. It looks marvelous! You can almost smell the love.

  4. brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE it! aren't Trinny and Suze a hoot? I saw them live once. Suze was so skinny even tho they sell her as the "big" one!

  5. hi sarah,

    that pot pie looks divine. what a sweetie you've got there.

    i also love t & s. i don't get to see them enough.


  6. Aren't Daughters just the best people! Hope the show was as good as the dinner looks. I have just finished TGL&PPPS and trying to work out how I can afford to visit the Channel Isles...Paris may have to give way to my new passion!!!!

  7. Total mom happiness. How wonderful.

  8. I'm so impressed. I tend to steer well clear of making pastry and I love the 'M' she added!

  9. Looks gorgeous and very very yummy.

    Bon week-end a toi,

    Leeann x

  10. Mmmmmmm. Pie! I suppose gravy's out of the question. Love your hat btw x

  11. 當一個人內心能容納兩樣相互衝突的東西,這個人便開始變得有價值了。............................................................

  12. How wonderful to have such a talented daughter! That pie looks delicious!

    Hope you are enjoying this special time with your sweet Poppy.

    Best wishes and happy week,


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