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Monday, July 5, 2010

Design in Black and White - new book

I am really enjoying luxuriating in my new gorgeous book... 'Design in Black and White' - I bought it a while back now but only just got around to sitting down and really savouring it at the weekend.... It's by Janelle McCulloch - an Australian journalist and writer - who is as lovely as she is talented. She took the majority of the photographs that appear in the book.

See what I mean? Aren't they sumptuous? I had the pleasure of meeting Janelle McCulloch last year - I wrote about it on the blog - see HERE (I did not have many followers then so you may not have read about my initial meeting with her!).

My fellow Melburnian blogger and friend Claire from Haven Home and Interiors has also written about this book - see HERE for her review and when we met we talked about how we loved it.... (amongst many other books).

Although the book is crammed full of some absolutely gorgeous shots of elegant black and white rooms it's the one above that really gets me. A wonderful kitchen in a fairly modest cottage featuring a whole wall of blackboard paint - how gorgeous! Although I have always painted a large square of blackboard paint for writing notes, recipes and shopping lists in the last few houses Mr SE and I have renovated I have never thought of this wonderful idea of using it on a complete wall..... Next house we do I plan to copy this whole kitchen slavishly. It's just wonderful.

Book available from HERE.
'Design in Black and White' by Janelle McColloch. Images Publishing 2010


  1. I have a lot of interior design books, but not this one. The pictures show that black and white are more colors than only 2. Many years ago, when I first saw the blackboard paint used in private homes, I liked it a lot too. It is practical and functional, especially if there are small children in the family. Looks like an interesting book. I might do a book review myself too, thanks!

  2. hi sarah,

    between the hostess, ff and now you i have enough interesting reading material to last me to the end of summer!

    you know i adore black and white decor so i will have to hunt this one down. i love the idea of a whole kitchen done in black chalkboard paint. i love my husbands black office. everytime i walk into it i tell him i wish it was my office!


  3. Looks like a very beautiful book, I think I need some tips! Love the idea of a blackboard in the kitchen, I'd draw pictures all over mine! xx

  4. The book looks great and I love that kitchen with the blackboard paint - that would be the perfect place for my ever growing shopping/to do lists.

    A tres bientot,

    Leeann x

  5. Ooh love the kitchen - are you thinking of transforming your English country cottage?

  6. I have severe kitchen envy over that last photo.

    Thank you for sharing this book with us, Semi Expat!

    SSG xxx

  7. As long as the room has enough light overall, I think that's a great idea. Did you see that Janell did this to one wall of her husband's office?

  8. Thanks so much for your comments.. Am a bit worried though - what's going on? I have "LOST" the first three comments on this post - there were 3 left a while ago (before the 4 above) - think I read that someone else has had this problem - can anyone shed any light?
    FF - I love blackboard paint and its so useful in a kitchen...
    TNMA - maybe, maybe - one day or perhaps here!
    SSG - agreed - that last photo does induce kitchen envy!
    Struggler - thanks for the link - need to go and check this out - also Janet from Gardeners Cottage blog painted a wall black in a study... (and Janet's was one of them comments that has disappeared!)

  9. Oh lord... sorry... I did not mean THEM comments - THE comments - why the extra M crept in I'll never know!

  10. What a great book Sarah! I am with you on the blackboard ... I would never forget anything with that close at hand! I had the same problem with my comments. I finally retrieved them. Check your dashboard..they eventually appear again.


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  12. Beautiful book. And as a modest home dweller myself, those are always the rooms i find most attractive.

    We always want to do a blackboard wall in our kitchen but literally don't have the wall for it, unless we moved out the fridge.

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