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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back from France

No, no I said - I really don't need anything this time from Paris. Especially after you brought me the Chanel ballerinas last time. Honestly..... but if you see something, well, that's another matter......
Unfortunately though as soon as Mr SE had sent that last photograph of the view from his hotel bedroom window (previous post) he really started to go downhill fast health wise and so could not do much at all during his day in Paris. Let alone lots of shopping for moi. He really did have something more than just a cold and struggled back on his flight to Australia that evening. On landing he went straight to the doctors and was diagnosed with a chronic chest infection and fever. (Now I feel guilty about the man flu comment!) . However, I was lucky and I did receive two very petite cadeaux. From Fauchon in the lovely bright pink box in the photograph above - some gorgeous dark chocolate (very good for you of course, dark chocolate)...... And, this below :

The newest nail polish from Chanel. Black Pearl. This makes me a very happy Semi Expat as it is not yet out here in Australia (yes, yes, I know we are very behind but that is the way it goes sometimes, last in line to receive goodies from Europe!) I think it hits our shores in the next couple of weeks but at the moment I feel quite exclusive ..... Its sort of a gorgeous dark grey petrol colour - will show you on my nails later on.
Now, I really, really need to go next time he has to go to France - I would have a field day hitting the shops I know!


  1. I love that polish,it would make your pedi just that bit more edgy....

  2. You really MUST go next time...and hope that you husband gets better fast.

  3. now listen sarah, take good care of him. we can't have anything go wrong with mr se. no way. feel better soon mr se.


  4. Thats great that you got the nail polish first!
    Please check out my blog and follow me!

  5. I love the shade of the polish, Sarah!

    Aren't Chanel names the best?

    Hope Mr SE gets well soon.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  6. Mmm, chocolate and Chanel! Some of the best of what Paris has to offer!

  7. Hope Mr Semi Expat is on the mend now.
    Wow! You did very well - loving the Chanel bag with the camelia and of course, the polish.
    I have an obsession with gorgeous wrapping and packaging.
    Fauchon - wow! Anything from there would be fantasic! I was inpressed in Singapore to see a Fauchon concession store within Takashimaya...

  8. How kind of the invalid to buy some presents regardless. I hope he's much better.

  9. Does he have pneumonia? Dear God, dear man.

    I know he will heal faster with you tending him lovingly, nails painted in your new polish.

    Steady yourself with a bite of chocolate from time to time, ok?

    xo Jane

  10. Poor Mr SE- you are a meanie and very spoilt! (Can I bowwow your polish please? Thanks!) XXX

  11. We'll see Miss Sophie - what's it worth? You may have to be a little nicer to your Aunt! XXX

  12. Sounds horrible for your hubby to have been sick during his flight. All those hours in a terrible condition, it can't have been much fun.

    Your presents are lovely. Just the chocolate box in itself looks gorgeous - even before hitting the actual content. And the Chanel polish is beautiful, I've tried it myself in the store. You're going into fall, and I think it's a fantastic colour for the fall and winter seasons. I'm still thinking of purchasing it and saving it over the summer. But as I long for spring so much I started out with a light pink one (first...) ;)

  13. You are a very lucky girl - what fab presents. Wishing hubby a speedy recovery and hope that you are nursing him back to health :-)

    Leeann x

  14. Get well soon, Mr SE!
    Dark chocolate is always a most acceptable gift, in my view :)


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