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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Embracing a bit of inner 'rock chick'

It may or may not surprise you that I am a little bit partial to a little bit of rock chick....
Must have been something to do with being heavily influenced by Fleetwood Mac whilst in my late teens / early twenties and wanting desperately to waft around looking like Stevie Nicks. Still love their music and Stevie. This scarf above below really ticks all the boxes and am happy to say was given to me for my birthday... (dear Mr SE)

A modern classic. Gorgeous. Have worn it with white floppy linen trousers and white tee and grey cotton vee neck sweater.

And, talking of rock chick the apple does not fall far from the tree.... This skulls silver 'friendship bracelet' from Links of London is currently on darling daughter's wish list. Rather lovely. For her of course. Me being ever mindful of the mutton and lamb scenario.

However, I do think that my new Chanel nail polish (Black Pearl) is also a teensy bit rock chick. The colour is most unusual. Sort of grey, sort of blue and a little bit green too. Slatey would be a good description.

Yup. I love it. And in the words of Stevie and friends - "You can go your own way" (and I will, if I so choose!).
Wednesday I am going to use it for a pedicure I have booked. Did my own nails last night just to show you the colour but I am rather loving being a little daring (for me) - usually I just wear very neutral colours on my fingernails.
Hope you all had/are having, a lovely weekend.


  1. Sarah,
    The scarf and manicure are so cool. Very inner rock chick indeed.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. i love fleetwood mac and rock chick style.
    hope you are well xx

  3. I do like the rock chick it adds another dimension altogether!!!!!
    Just remember there is no longer a mutton and lamb scenario I think mother daughter bracelets would also be really cool!!!!!!! xo

  4. Stevie Nicks - what an awesome talent and icon she was. Glad to have discovered another FMac fan!! Your flourishes of rock chic are perfect!

  5. Nothing wrong with a bit of rock chick style. Love the McQueen scarf - Mr SE buys the best presents! -and the nail varnish too. The colour reminds me of peacock feathers.

  6. Ooooh - Love a little bit of rock chick style. Also, love the polish. Am thinking an internet purchase may be made soon.

  7. Rock on Sarah. Age is just a number. We'll never be as young as we are right now!

    Love the scarf, and the bracelet.

    And your husband.

    xo Jane

  8. I love just a touch of Rock Chick too! The scarf is great, and now I want that Chanel polish. (It's so "hot" here that someone even stole the display bottle at Nordstrom's after they'd sold out of it!) For me, just a little dose of edgy/tough/Rock keeps me from feeling too "old lady."

  9. I think inner rock chicks keep us all young:).

  10. hi sarah,

    i don't know what i'd do if i didn't love rock and roll. seriously, it's a huge part of my daily existence. so i'm loving your scarf big time. mr se continues to make points with me. maybe this is one of your fav accessories?


  11. Rock chicks...sounds so much better than polka chicks or waltz chicks...
    your polish is wild!

  12. Fleetwood Mac's music will always be classics and Stevie Nicks will forever be an icon. Love their music, both as a band and Nicks as a solo artist. Her "Timespace" album is one of my absolute favourite records ever. Her music is ethereal.

    Love that you're showing us your inner rock chick. I think if you're born with that gene, a piece of it stays with you as you mature, even if toned down from one's wilder days in younger years. And also, seeing that Chanel polish on your nails make me crave it - even if I'm really fed up with dark colours from winter and yearn for lighter hues for spring. Hm....

  13. I don't remember fleetwood mac... :-p Very much looking forward to putting the polish on my nails! Great scarf too- gorg! XX

  14. Love the mani - the colour makes me think of mermaid scales... Do mermaids have scales? Or maybe mermaid tails!

    I have a McQueen scarf too and I adore it: http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/48466 Need to wear it more often!

  15. Ahh, you are getting a little edgy in your style! Fun - thanks for letting me live vicariously!

  16. Ah, love Stevie Nicks. Great nail polish color, I'll have to try it.

  17. Wow it's not the colour I was expecting it to be, but I love it! Will look great on your pedi. x

  18. I was a Stevie wannabe too! I just can't seem to get Keith Richards out of my blood. I am thrilled to know there is a woman out there (who must be around my age if she were a Fleetwood Mac fan as a teen and young 20's) who refuses to give in to "appropriate for her age" rules. Edgy and daring, but classy!


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