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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Frothy Underpinnings

My blog pal 'That's Not My Age' posted about some gorgeous underwear that she was thinking of investing in last week... See HERE. And at the time I was awaiting a package from delicious lingerie company - Mimi Holliday (by Damaris) Like TNMA, I have to admit that the state of my 'knicker drawer' is rather a sorry one. And I am not one for matching sets (more's the pity laments Mr SE) - adore the idea of them but just have not got myself sufficiently into the matching underwear mindset. However, this could change..... This underwear is beautiful. It is sexy but supportive and the bras do not look like the 'over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders' I have had to put up with in the past. Although I do like bras by Prima Donna - but a girl has to have a little froth and lightness in her life at times. And so I present to you :

Above. Exhibit A - black French lace and silk 'French Knicker' - this will go with a plain black seamless bra I already own (the matching bra to this one from Mimi Holliday was completely SOLD out in my size). Sad, but good for my bank balance.

And Exhibit B ..... above and below... such delicate underpinnings... And a MATCHING set - be still my beating heart. It fits and looks gorgeous...... - this is the 'blurb' about this design from the website :

A darling oyster 100% silk satin and white lace story- Rossetti is the ultimate in lady-like elegance and right on trend for a ballet inspired fresh Spring look. The subtly between the graphic white French lace and soft oyster silk satin creates a luxurious effect- it is a very wearable and understated story....

And from the website - the pics below to show you what they look like on - well, you didn't think I was going to model them - god forbid ;-) ?!

Above the set "Rossetti" and below :

The black French knicker.... ("Bisou Bisou")

Their arrival is perfect timing. Mr SE and I are going away this weekend (it's a long weekend here in the state of Victoria) off to the Margaret River region in Western Australia. Can't wait!!!


  1. ooh la la!

    I have major lingerie envy here!
    Enjoy your getaway...
    don't forget a little scent with the froth!

  2. Ooh la la, from me as well, S!

    They are beautiful. It's a cause for celebration when lingerie shopping is fun and successful!

    Have a lovely long weekend and enjoy Margaret River.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  3. wow, so pretty sarah. payback time for mr se!


  4. Thanks for the mention, S. The Mimi Holliday lingerie is gorgeous - feminine and demure! Haven't bought my new undies yet but plan to go on a recce today. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Mr SE is going to be one very happy man!!!

    Beautiful underwear does make one feel lovely.

    Have fun love birds! x

  6. Beautiful lingerie...adore the black french knickers...just found your blog and love it...I'm a new follower!

  7. Hi sorry I have not been around much but life gets in the way.
    I thought of you when we visited Margate,s new Turner Gallery remember you mentioning some antique business pals had moved here from Lewes??

    Sadly could not remember their details to visit them.

    Love the froth fantastic w/e ahoy I think. Enjoy.Ida

  8. Beautiful and desirable....and def not utilitarian.

    Have a lovely looooong weekend.

    xo Jane

  9. Love the oyster undies, you've inspired me!

  10. Thanks everyone for the comments - think I am a convert to this make (but will have to limit purchases - very gorgeous but a little pricey!) And Ida, my antique guys (who I am sure would have loved to see you at their newly opened place in Margate if you go back), are Stuart and Kiel from FONTAINE... Can't wait to see the new Turner gallery. XX

  11. Hi Sarah! Thanks for the sweet comment you left, hearing from you always brightens my day. :)

    The underwear looks gorgeous, and I must admit I'm a sucker for those exquisite boxes, too.

  12. Those are gorgeous!

    I can't escape my love of cotton undies so I never match either!



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