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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I've been "Shellac-ed"

On Thursday I went to my local nail salon and had my nails done. With Shellac Gel. No, it's not something that goes on the top of a piece of furniture finished by French polishing as I had previously thought but a new nail technique. Well, new to me - may be quite old hat to you.

It cost twice as much as an ordinary manicure but apparently will last up to 3 times as long. (So therefore in my book = Good Value For Money). And it's different from Bio Sculpture Nails (which often give the appearance of a thick layer or two of polish on your nails) and Bio Sculpture nails are more expensive (so I am told) than this new shellac polish....

Downsides : as yet not a HUGE selection of polishes to pick from but enormous UPSIDE : as soon as it is done you can pick up your bag, your keys etc. and off you waltz. No more trying not to smudge your nails and spoiling a manicure within 10 minutes of getting them done. RESULT.

So, I will be counting the days that this lasts and will let you know. So far, I am really quite impressed.

Happy Weekend to one and all.


  1. Wise woman Sarah...I read about this and it looks like the way to go. You lucky thing to have such lovely nails...I am still trying to get mine to grow :)

    Best wishes...

    Jeanne xxx

  2. Hopefully your nails will withstand the fun you are sure to have this weekend and you will be able to throw together a few flowers for this upcoming Monday and join us in the house.

    xo jane

  3. Sarah,

    Your mani looks great and I love the promised staying power. I can barely keep mine for a day so who knows, if I shellac, maybe 3 days for me?

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  4. I don´t remember ever having had a manicure!
    Due to hard, rough outdoor work year around, I like to keep my nails short and only use Mavala natural, which gives a faint shine I like.
    It will be interesting to read about your experiences!

  5. I'm totally last-minute when it comes to applying nail polish and I always smudge it - so this is the perfect manicure for me! Thanks for the heads up.

  6. I have had this type of manicure Ch S and it is fab!! Lasts about 2-3 weeks...when i have an ordinary manicure the polish chips within a day...found this brill.....xx

  7. The reason why I don't like having manicures is that I am too impatient to sit still and wait for my nails to dry. I'm definitely going to try one of these gell manicures, especially if I can get up, grab my keys, and get going immediately.

  8. I want one. It looks fab but I really can't get over the fact it dries instantly, I'd still be too scared to chip it! Skull & Glossbones is looking goooood btw XXX

  9. You've been "shellac-ed" - hilarious!
    Yes, it does sound a bit like a type of furniture lacquer.
    Looks fantastic and the staying power sounds very impressive!

  10. Yes, please report back: I'm not a frequent manicure-maven, but would love to indulge if I knew it would last.

  11. I was tossing up between Shellac and Bio Sculpture, but ended up having BS overlays applied last night. I was a bit apprehensive about the possibility of chunky, plastic looking nails but my goodness, they look wonderful! It only cost $40 as well.

    I will try Shellac next time to compare. I am such a clutz with nail polish, and it always chips within 24 hours, so these long-wearing subsitutes are a godsend.


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