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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Knit Wit.....

I discovered knitting relatively recently in my life and have to say that I rather enjoy this hobby. And I am in good company so it seems; Cameron Diaz, Geri Halliwell, Uma Thurman and Sarah J-Parker all indulge in a little yarn therapy too.

It first helped me through a bout of mild depression about 8 years ago so whenever I get out the knitting needles Mr SE does worry - but he doesn't need to. The only thing I would say is I do like variety and have 3 small projects on the go at the moment. Below photograph shows the 3 together.

This is the first one above. A scarf (that is about all I have managed to master so far!) - but done in a rib stitch - 2 plain knit stitches then 2 purl stitches along each row. I am using a lovely Rowan tweedy wool for this....

Project number two. This will be a 'snood' for darling daughter for when she goes back up to Durham University in the Autumn in UK. I have used a pure undyed wool from Jacob Sheep..... The pattern is one row plain knit stitch and one row of purl. Easy and fun.

And thirdly this one (also to be a 'snood'). It's done in Moss Stitch. One knit stitch, then one purl stitch all along the row. This is also a Rowan pure wool and I love the colours.

The weather has been cold - well I guess it is Winter here in Melbourne but it has also been rainy too - perfect weather for knitting on your day off. It's full on and busy at work with a new catalogue out and this is a good way to relax once all the household chores are out of the way (or out of sight!!) .

View below from the sitting room.

We have been nice and cosy inside today but someone has been 'hogging' the fire - see below!

Anyone else like to knit - are you an expert, or do you like to clack away for fun?


  1. I am hopeless at knitting. I love the things you are making though - all the wool choices are beautiful.

    Take care.

  2. I just started knitting. After I am done making a felted bag I will be knitting a scarf. The bag is done on circular needles and find it discouraging when I find everything all twisted. The only real option...starting over.

  3. Those yarns look beautiful. I've been tempted to take it up after seeing all of the beautiful things some of you have made. I used to sew but no longer have the space for big projects, so knitting might be just the thing.

  4. I do like to knit for babies especially!
    I am knitting a scarf which is a faux Mobius..or Moebus it is a twisty shawl, scarf that is cozy for fall and winter. I am using Alpaca in a grey tone. I blogged about it 2 days ago.

    Like you I find it very soothing and being married to an avid hockey fan I can do this during the televised games!

  5. How talented are you? I wish I could do something crafty like that.

    And your pussca looks so relaxed in front of your fire...

  6. I love that wool AA! I have dropped a stitch and won't get it back. Think i will have a holey snood. Not good :-( XXX

  7. and you get even more perfect sarah! i learnt to knit as a little girl but have totally forgotten. i really want to learn to sew. so many simple things that i want to be able to make for a few dollars that i just know are overpriced.

    i will definitely do some posts of my planned outfits, once i acquire all the goodies. i have having an outfit in mind but finding that i'm missing one key ingredient that i can't find. grrr

    when do you fly out? xx

  8. am a bad knitter but find it soothing- love your choice of wool! xx

  9. Ooh I wish I could knit - I'm rubbish at it. Knitted a dish cloth at school and it ended up looking like a very holey scarf!


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