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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A perfect Organic Farmshop / Lifestyle shop

That is how I would describe Daylesford Oraganic Farmshop in Gloucestershire UK.

In fact, it is almost too perfect if you understand what I mean! Country life isn't really like this every day. The vegetables are all neatly laid out, the bakery is wonderful, there is a delicatessen area, a cold room for cheeses, a wine shop, a garden room, a Spa area, hideously expensive but dreamy clothes to touch (well, I can only touch - who actually buys them I wonder?) and a fabulous and yummy cafe! Phew......

Anyway, after that introduction I will leave you to meander through the photos with not too much more from me. Suffice to say I had a wonderful afternoon there yesterday. Hours spent wandering and pretending I lived in this perfect world (and surreptitiously looking out for the celebrities who use this place as their local supermarket - Stella McCartney, Jude Law etc. - that's when they are down in their homes in the countryside!) Didn't see any celebs there but have to add that my friend who accompanied me saw Stella M later on that afternoon in her village about 15 mins away!

See - a perfect specimen!!

Cheese room above (temperature controlled).

Entrance to the garden area.

Next few photos show the homewares available....

WANT those 1,2,3,4 bowls SO much.

My basket was empty at this point!

Off for some lunch..

Pigeon and beetroot salad for me.

Tomato and basil soup for my friend Ms G.

Just one little bag came back with me... Some lovely liquid hand wash and hand lotion and a pot of delicious chutney. Fairly restrained I feel!

LOVE the wire sculpture dog.

All in all a great afternoon.

For more information : http://www.daylesfordorganic.com/


  1. I would not mind shopping at the Organic Farmshop at all.
    The place did not look crowded = a big +.
    And I am not surprised by your white paper bag. Naturally one just h a s to buy something from a place like that!

  2. We're pros at romanticizing farm life, here in the USA:).

  3. What LPC said. It does look lovely, and a wonderful place to fantasize about bucolic life.

  4. Although it all looks so deeply gorgeous, and the plates and bowls - well I'd love them all thanks and am v impressed with your composure!- I know what you mean about being too picture perfect if that is possible. I find much of the Cotswolds the same, so darn irreproachably perfect I want to scream, "give me some scruffiness now!!" I think it can all become so self conciously tasteful it is almost stultifying? Beauty, unaware of its beauty, that gets me every time, in people and in places.

    Hope you have been having a wonderful time in this lovely weather, and if you find yourself further east, gimme an email, it would be fun to meet up! Kettle always on for a visit at Wild Acre!xx

  5. What a lovely spot to lunch and shop. It would be hard not to buy from that wonderful selection of goods and wares as they are so elegantly displayed.

  6. Well both you and Belinda are invited to stroll around my place any old time if you want some scruffy real life!

    I'm living it.

    Wouldn't mind a few hours in fantasy world thought...

    xo Jane

  7. I do admire your restraint!! I meet a friend there for lunch once a month!!

    There prices are well over the norm..no credit crunch there! Though have noted not so many people shopping as usual.

    On the way home we call at a farmer's shop so much cheaper down the road.

    Are you enjoying your time back here warts and all? Ida

  8. It's very tasteful, it needs a small pop of Kitsch to put it all in context!

  9. I am dying to go here Sarah..I love the store on Pimlico Road. This is on my must list... Thanks for taking me there, looks like a great day!

    Jeanne xx

  10. Gorg. Love the bike! Glad you restwained yourself from buying too many treats!! ;-) XXX

  11. Sask, I've joined the blog world to tell you I love your blogging of or trip to Le Daylesford - lovely day with lovely you in a lovely place ! WILL GIVE YOUR LOVE TO STELLA MC NEXT TIME I LE SEE HER !

    love Gorgalena x

  12. Glad you didn't spend too much!

  13. Thanks for all your comments...and you all got exactly what I meant about it being almost too perfect! Ida, yes, am really enjoying my time here thank you - going far too fast and Belinda have replied to you on your blog and thanks again for the kind inviation! X


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