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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Paris Pics - first instalment

Hello I'm back! And what an amazing time we had but I'll let the pictures tell the story....

Above and below the view from our hotel window. We stayed in the Marais region - really vibrant and interesting with lots of cafes, boutiques etc. Total bliss.

A breakfast above... and I ordered in French (and without a waiter looking down his nose and pretending he could not understand me.)

(Note to Ms. Maple - it was after I had ordered the above I sent you that text- this was what you could have shared with me!)

And lunch, below.

Next few photographs around and about the 3rd Arrondissement.

Hotel de Ville, 2 photos above.

Gorgeous Gitaine blue of this lovely old door....

Need I say more?

And last one. - just because I loved the image.

Much more to follow in the next post too.


  1. Wonderful images, was the weather always this sunny?

  2. The best city in the world, non?

    I was shopping in the marais about this time last year and saw gendarmes cruising around on in-line skates - did you see any? Can you imagine our bobbies on the beat on skates, didn't look right in Paris either really!

    Glad you had a lovely time in gorgeous weather by the looks of this post. xx

  3. Paris. What more can I say? Keep those lovely photos coming, S.

    It's the colours of the buildings and that natural light that is so different to Australia.

    Hope you are well.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  4. Looks beautiful. I love the appearance of the buildings with the pop of colour in a door here and there.

    Did you buy Repetto's?

    Looking forward to more Paris pics.

  5. Fantastic Sarah!! Looking forward to hearing what you buy....take pics!! :)

    Jeanne xx

  6. Too lovely.

    more please :)

    xo jane

  7. Thank you for the interesting and wonderful pictures. The sudden invite must have made it super pleasing : )

  8. After a few dodgy trips to Paris I finally fell in love with the city last December. It took me a while to "get' the city.

  9. Lovely. And I've even seen that exact door:).

  10. Beautiful selection of photos, Semi Expat! X

  11. 3 sleeps to go for me!! thankfully not booked on qantas!! what was the name of the hotel you stayed at? i'm looking for accom for my last night... left it for something spontaneous. otherwise im subletting in montmartre xxx


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