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Friday, October 14, 2011

Old Durham Town

These photographs were taken in Durham a couple of weeks ago when my daughter went back to begin her second year of University there. Beautiful old buildings above - Georgian and even earlier to the far right.

Durham Cathedral.

The cloisters behind the cathedral. The library where she studies (on occasions when she won't be tempted she says, by internet access -there is none in this library!) is situated just off these cloisters.

The second year student.

A bit of 'arty' photography in the sunlight!

And below a lovely cafe where we had breakfast. Flat White Cafe in Durham.

Not quite up to the standard of my 'local' in Melbourne "Collective Espresso" but pretty good all the same!


  1. I miss you both! Gorg buildings in Durham. Love these pics. Come back soon purlease! XXX

  2. I love the architecture of the campus.
    Steeped in history and so ornate....
    what a fabulous atmosphere for study.

  3. haha internet access is the evil of all productivity!

  4. Thank you for posting these lovely pictures.
    The sky is gray, was it cold over there at the time?

  5. What an absolutely stunning university! Your daughter is very lucky!

    I love that first photo of you! Frame-worthy indeed! Hope you're having a fabulous time away and not missing your Melbourne coffee too much! x


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