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Thursday, December 1, 2011

And about time too!!!

Apologies. Many of them.

I have been reprimanded by my mother who says she is "Fed up with seeing the photo of the Qantas plane on my blog" and contrary to what you may think, that I could be circumnavigating the planet in it, I'm not. Just been really busy since returning to Melbourne. Jet lag..... blah de blah, getting back into work again, blah de blah and generally feeling altogether a little blah. Wondering also - Do I have "Blogger's block?!!"
Oh no, I do hope not. And many apologies that I have not been round to visit other blogs. I will do very soon. Meanwhile here are a few photographs as promised from Poppy's 21st Party which now seems like an age ago on 11/11/11.

First off the birthday girl, and boyfriend. Showing this one particularly as you have to see the dress. It is vintage from the '50's. Lace bodice and a plain black ballet length skirt. She looked stunning but then again I am a little biased on these matters as Mothers tend to be.

Above with two of her friends from school. Keep an eye out for the guy on the right - he will 'be big' one day - currently at Drama School in London.

And yours truly in my 'party dress' - followers of the blog from old will have seen this one before but it's a classic and gets rolled out for special occasions and seems to fit the bill most times!

Promise that I won't leave it so long before another post.......


  1. wow, your daughter is stunning sarah! cute bf too. you and mr se are surely blessed. xo janet

  2. A cause for celebration and your dress is perfect!

  3. Your daughter looks stunning.... It seems a long time ago since I was 21 (which is because it was a long time ago!)

    Take care.

  4. Hurrah! An updated Blog at last which I hope everyone enjoys as much as I did. X

  5. Your dress is beautiful, as is Poppy's. Your outfits complement one another perfectly.

  6. That girl of yours is really stunning..,and you don't look to bad either!!!!! Glad you are back. xx

  7. Glad you're not circumnavigating the globe! You both look gorgeous - love your haircut. Tres chic x

  8. Good to read a new post. You have a nice humor.
    Oh my, your daughter is really beautiful. I see now, that she has inherited your genes : )

  9. EEEEEE! You both look wonderful.

  10. Well today is the 9th(here) so it has already been too long between posts.

    maybe a little something Monday I'm thinking....

    Your daughter could not be any more beautiful, and I covet the dress.

    You are rocking yours also, what a beautiful picture.

    xo J.


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