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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sally, Sally - pride of our alley

So says the famous song.

The Sally that I am referring to though is Sally Swannell, and I think she's the pride of our alley in UK. She is a local artist and lives near our cottage in Wiltshire, England. Although I don't know her personally a couple of my friends do and they say she is as lovely as she is talented. I always stock up on her cards when I'm back there and I just love her style. She bases her art work so I have been told, on the muted colours and shades of Farrow and Ball's range.

Take a quick look for yourselves :

The one above is such a LOVELY Christmas card. I would so love a house like that too.

Or what about this Christmas dresser above? Very cute.

Hope everyone's preparations for the holiday season are coming along nicely! Have a lovely weekend one and all.


  1. Absolutely understand why you stock up. They are so delicate and detailed. Are you all prepared for Christmas? xx

  2. Charming. Yes I could happily live in several.

    xo J.

  3. So reminiscent of American folk art!

  4. These are cute.
    The Christmassy one, right now, is my favorite!

  5. Beautiful, love the design and the colours

  6. i LOVE these cards. thanks for reminding me that my xmas cards are still sitting in the draw.. unwritten AND unsent... better get to it.



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