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Monday, December 12, 2011

Festivities (and flowers, sort of) in the house - Australian style

Yesterday we had a bit of a festive "do" chez Mr and Mrs SE.....

I will show you around Christmas Australian style (well my Australian take on Christmas!) I am also joining with Jane over at Small but Charming blog - she is having a Monday flower party and rocking on round the Christmas tree

Hop on over there HERE ......Lightness and whiteness above and below this cute fellow poking out of a little Christmas tree.

The festive "do" was in part for my nephew pictured below - he has been staying with us here in Melbourne since September and flies back to UK tonight.

Back to the "decs" in the house....

Above, little table as you come into the house.

And next few photographs showing the party we had....

Retro style F.Christmas napkins and little crackers (they went down very well!)

Appetisers had a whole area to themselves!

Vegetarians look away now.......

This ham (which I prepared in the spirit of Faux Fuchsia with a marmalade, mustard and whisky glaze (Donna Hay mag. this month) was quite frankly, to use a particular Faux "Fuchsia-ism", very "Hamtastic" !

And this lovely salad brought by dear friend Ms. S was delish!!

Finally, last pic of Mr SE getting down to the carving!

A wonderful celebration in the warmth of the Australian Summer and festiveness which is a little different from Northern Hemisphere celebrations but just as fun.


  1. I made a ham with brown sugar glazing last saturday but I must say your marmalade and whisky glazing sounds good too! Isn't it funny I made a similar candle wreath as well? It must be the Australian celebration style! Lovely table decoration btw!

  2. Lovely spread and those Napkins and crackers are just gorgeous.

  3. The ham I can do (I have the mag!) but what do I have to do to get the recipe for the salad?!!
    Is Victoria warmer than NSW cause I do believe we have not left winter yet!!! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas xx

  4. I don't know where to start....the deco looks quite charming and totally your style, and both hams look wonderful. The one in the glaze and the one in the shorts!

    Happy holidays, thanks for inviting us over.

    xo Jane

  5. I like the glass bell over the candles great touch to your festive home.Ida

  6. Those candles look great in that glass dome and I quite like the heart.
    Yummy looking ham...
    it all looks fantastic.

  7. Lovely to see festivities down under! You've got me a bit peckish now!

  8. I'm officially stealing the bell jar idea! I love it.

    Have always loved the tradition of crackers - wish it would catch on in the States.

    Enjoy your warm version of the holidays and thanks for sharing.

  9. I really love the little entrance table. And that salad looks delicious!

  10. sarah, i'm so confused as to where you live now! england or australia? anyway, the nephew is by far is the cutest decoration you have. sexist i know. and i cannot get over mr se in shorts in december. and i did look away! thanks love.

  11. You are such a chic hostess! Love everything!! Especially the entry hall set up x


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