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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Parka Perfection

I have totally fallen for this parka - pictured here on the right.... It looks just wonderful. Love the colour, the shape, the furry (fake I hasten to add) trim around the hood, and, - oh I could go on and on.

It's just come out in UK - and they are saying it can be worn there now (it's still pretty chilly over in England) with lots of layers. Later on when it gets a bit warmer perhaps just thrown over a dress or jeans and a tee.

A very trans-seasonal piece and also I feel, very 'trans-hemisphere' too....

Now, I could definitely see this working here in Australia too. It would fit right into my winter wardrobe in Melbourne so easily.

Here's the official 'blurb' :

Dark olive green parka featuring a concealed zip fastening under press-stud flap, two flap top and two zipped pockets on front, press-studded epaulettes, gun flaps and storm flap, a drawstring at waist and hem, underarm eyelets for ventilation and a hood with press-stud tab fastening to front, drawstring and a detachable faux racoon fur trim. Burberry Brit parka has a vent at the back, press-studs to cuffs and a button detachable quilted lining.

One small problem. It's a little pricey to say the least.

Now, what can I sell on ebay? Or maybe I might win the lottery (if I did it!) or perhaps my number will come up on the UK's premium bonds? I can but hope. I love it that much.

Any new pieces from the new season (whichever hemisphere you live in) that you've fallen for? And, will you indulge?!


  1. Well of course it is pricey...it is Burberry!!!! I could also add this to my winter wardrobe with joy but think I might have to win the lottery!!!!!!

  2. I think that parka ticks all the right boxes...you'd have it for years. Just figure out the CPW factor and then you'll know for sure :)

  3. i hear you on the price tag sarah. i have a burberry outlet near my home and have been saving like crazy to finally purchase a burberry trench. out the outlet they are still $1200 and i just couldn't do it. $1200!!! is a lot of money. so i did some research and found out that the j. crew icon trenchcoat is made from the same fabric that burberry uses. j. crew's trench is $298, much better but being patient with ebay i found one in my size for $80. i got it and love it. i feel so smart right now. too bad that won't last!

  4. Is the "fur part " removable?
    It looks great, and I think that you should just get it!
    I have to confess, that I hoped, that the fur was real (;

  5. Love that coat! And so glad the fur didn't involve any little furry animal deaths! We don't need real fur in Australian weather.

  6. It looks beautifully made, but pricey is right! I'm not sure a parka would ever look like that much money - you might be better off looking for a non-designer one at half the price and getting yourself a handbag too...

  7. I was loving everything about it till I read the work Burberry.....

    not fair.

    But nice to dream.

    xo jane

  8. Like the style and the colour is so country.

    I have a 30yr Burberry trench the long one still looks good.

    As Hostess said CPW...work it out!!Ida

  9. Great parka and would be so versatile between the UK and OZ. However, that Burberry price tag just had to get in the way. Having said that, it’s cheap in comparison to the other parkas advertised on the Net-A-Porter site! I thought I might be able to find you a comparable.

    I have treated myself to two tops from the new Country Road from their Autumn/Winter 2012, but hardly an indulgence. Those will be on hold for a while with Baby on the way!

  10. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, you are very kind about my store.

    I am so glad that you enjoyed what Tasmania has to offer, you will have to return one day and see even more!

    I am your newest follower too, your blog is great.

    Until next time, Tammy

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