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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tripette to Tasmania Part II - The Hotel. Shops and purchases!

So, better late than never. Sorry I have procrastinated about getting this post out; so many photographs to sort out!! Here is a little more about our stay in Hobart, Tasmania. As I mentioned before, the hotel we stayed in was The Henry Jones Art Hotel. It is Australia's first dedicated Art Hotel and the site on which it is located dates back to 1804. A former jam factory has been transformed into this hotel but it has been converted in such a way as to keep the original features of the building.

Henry Jones logo.

Reception above and below.

The hotel houses over 300 pieces of art work from Tasmanian artists - all presented like a gallery and all for sale. It means you can experience the art in a completely new and unique way. Obviously it also means that the 'exhibitions' are continually changing as pieces are sold.

These two above are going to a house in Surry Hills, Sydney we were told. They were sold a month or so back.

In contrast to all the modern art the actual building has been preserved as much as possible within the conversion. I loved seeing the original beams etc. Right up my street. as they say.

These two machines I think were the actual 'clocking on' machines from the factory floor.

Exposed brickwork and very Australian, - the good old tin roof!

The whole hotel is so different - it's an unexpected combination of the antique and the ultra modern in every room.

Our bedroom.

And the lovely bathroom.

One of the original stones of the building. These stones have a dark past - see the little marks on them? The buildings were in part constructed by convicts and each convict had their own pattern on 'their' stones so at the end of the day the foreman could see how many had been laid by each convict.

I have to say I have never enjoyed a hotel so much. Each Friday evening there is a completely free tour of the hotel which gives an insight as to how it was converted as well as about the art in the hotel and a little about Tasmania too. And you don't have to be staying at the hotel to go on the tours. Highly recommended.

Go to
http://www.thehenryjones.com/ for more information about the hotel if you'd like. It's fascinating.

Now for the shops.

Tasmania is full of craft and artists. This shop above caught my eye.

I bought these silver earrings above. A bit unique and they appealed greatly.

The next two shops we went to were recommended by Janelle McCulloch who has a wonderful blog Library of Design. If you have not yet visited the library I highly recommend it... Click HERE.

A fabulous garden shop in Hobart called Karen Wagner Garden and Design.

And then joy of joys we drove about 25 minutes from Hobart to this GORGEOUS place... Again recommended by Janelle.

The Drill Hall Emporium in New Norfolk, Tasmania.

Just feast your eyes on the next few photographs.

I was excited just to see the outside of the shop!

And when I got inside I didn't know where to look first - it was filled with gorgeousness of the kind I LOVE.

I was fairly controlled (!) and managed to constrain myself coming away with 3 purchases only....

A gorgeous thick linen French red and white table cloth, a French white china heart shaped cheese mould and 3 old terracotta flowerpots. Am going to plant these 3 up with little rosemary plants.

And I leave you with another look at the goodies.

For more information about this wonderful antique store (and they have a blog) the link is :

It was such a fabulous tripette to Tasmania... I want to return again, and soon!


  1. hello happy travelers!

    love the hotel although the prisoner thing is a little creepy. but what a place.

    and i adore little out of the way antique shops like the one you found. does mr se enjoy antiquing?

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your lovely comment - and for letting me procrastinate! I'm now procrastinating some more by visiting your blog!

    Thank you for the mention. So sweet of you. I'm so glad you went to Karen Wager. She and I have been emailing each other about the Weston Peony Farm. She's lovely, isn't she? And I'm dying to visit the Drill Hall Emporium so will devour your photos now. I didn't realise it was 25 mins from Hobart. I'm so sorry. Do hope it wasn't far to go? But it looked like it was worth it!

    And have been wanting to visiting Henry Jones for year. Perhaps this year... We shall have to follow your trail through the state.

    J xxx

  3. Hello Janet, yes, Mr SE isn't bad at 'tiquing, (as a friend and I used to call it way back in UK). He'll be glad you asked after him.

    Janelle, a pleasure - more people should know about your fabulous blog. Loved the garden shop and will check out Weston Peony Farm on the net. Don't be sorry - 25 mins was a VERY short way to go for such fabulousness I can tell you!! Disappointed actually I did not show how large the inside of the place was - HUGE and stuffed to the gunnels with bits - did not know where to look first!
    Definitely recommend the hotel and the food was 1st class too. S x

  4. Welcome back, Mrs SE!!! Your tripette post was superb – wonderful photos as always. I think you need to travel the globe and be a travel writer. I of course am happy to carry your bags or take dictation. I know Rose would love all your stops – I hope we can take her to Tassie. No travel itinerary needed – we’ll follow your post! Love your shopping finds too – especially the x & o earrings!!! I’ll be sure to pop over to Janelle’s blog. xxx

  5. Hello there! Love all the exposed brickwork and that bathroom looks amazing. And that looks like my kind of antique shop.

  6. The first time we lived in Tassie it was like a big beautiful country town...the second time it had grown and become a little more worldly...now it appears to have gained a level of sophistication that along with it's beauty, it's lovely people and, dare I say, it's weather (which I love!)it is turning into the all round best state in Australia!!!!!
    I'm rather partial to the place so I am glad you enjoyed it and the photos are lovely. xx

  7. Thank you for sharing your pictures.
    The hotel has been renovated with artful taste. I like the mix.
    And the old flowerpots- yes!
    Too bad, that Tasmania is SO far away.

  8. What a great way to show & sell art,hotel and shops are so right up my street.

    Love your picks the pots will look sweet with the plants. Ida

  9. What a great idea/vibe, love looking around interesting places, virtually or otherwise

  10. Very much enjoyed your latest post - perhaps you could take some of your English visitors there and you can go again!

  11. I really enjoyed your Tasmania posts. The scenery is so very new and fresh to me, I'm even more intrigued by Tasmania now.
    more please :-D

  12. Love these pics! Fan of exposed beams particularly in the bathroom and the earrings. Gorg! XX

  13. Hello it's me again - just to let you know, you're in the latest TNMA Dresses With Sleeves round-up! Thanks for the photo x

  14. My wife and kids love strolling around hotel shops every time we are on a vacation. An art hotel, huh? That' slick. I would love to check in there one time.


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