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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Paris Secrets

Is the name of a wonderful book that we have in the shop - it has some great photographs and details architecture, hotels and hidden gardens amongst its Parisian treasures and it is written by Janelle McCulloch...... I just love it....

Well, anyway,- today I saw a lady pick up a copy and she said "This is a good book" - "Yes," I replied - "It's fabulous - we've just got it in and it is written by an Australian journalist/writer....." - well at this point she laughed and said "Yes, I know - I wrote it!!" I was SOOOO excited and said I was really happy to meet her (or something like that - I was rather taken aback!)- she was totally lovely and thanked us for stocking it - imagine that - an author thanking you for stocking her book....?! I said I loved her books and I really adored 'La Vie Parisienne - Looking for Love and the perfect Lingerie' and if you haven't read this, do - it is a wonderful account of how she first went to Paris after a failed romance in England and what she got up to there. Anyway, it totally, totally made my day!

My outfit for the shop today (pictured below) was : Phase Eight (UK make) dress (MR SE calls it my 'crop circle dress' because of the patterns on it - don't think he is all that keen on it actually!), with Gap black T shirt underneath and Boden Black cashmere cardigan, charcoal leggings and Boden metallic sling back shoes.
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  1. How cool to meet the author, and how nice that she is so gracious.
    I sense you are a fellow Boden fan? I don't meet many in real life so it's nice to know I'm not the only one. :)

  2. Well of course she thanked you. I would have air-kissed you. . .

    It's verrrry exciting when one is appreciated by others. I'm sure she was thrilled.

    I don't know what it is about Australians, but they seem to write the best books about France. I guess I'll have to buy it.

  3. Struggler - yes it was really wonderful to met her I must admit and you sensed correctly re : Boden! - Better I think to wear the pieces abroad (as you do of course) so I wear it a lot in Australia as in UK some of the clothes are immediately recognised as a 'Boden pieces'- espec. the cute skirts.
    Tish - agree totally, Australians do seem to write the most wonderful books about France maybe because they seem to travel so much?

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