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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Two 'Thank Yous' and a question to Australian readers

You are such a lovely lot. But then again why am I surprised? - I already knew that. Thank you for all your kind and enquiring comments about my friend Celia in Japan and I am really happy to say that she is back safely in England..... I am so relieved that she is ok but the situation in Japan worsens daily and is so very worrying. Will Japan ever be the same again? Just hope and pray so but it will take years and years I'd imagine.

Also, on a more frivolous matter thank you again to all those who went over to my work blog to comment on the article I guest posted for them. You are so kind and Head Office were delighted - it was even mentioned in the work newsletter that the blog had received many comments after my article there!!

And thirdly a favour to ask of Australian readers.....

We'd really like to go away for a long weekend at the beginning of April to Byron Bay and stay in an apartment or cottage rather than a hotel. Does anyone know of anywhere they'd recommend? I remember seeing a gorgeous white weatherboarded cottage on somebody's blog ages back and I am sure it was near Byron Bay... I'm so very excited as on Tuesday my daughter comes out to Australia again for 3 weeks or so (just typing those words makes the old eyes fill up with tears at the thought - am so happy!). We thought a short break in Byron Bay would be lovely. Daughter is keen to learn to surf properly - we've been told this is the place to go. If you think we'd be better elsewhere then please chip in your views too.... Many, many thanks.

A lovely weekend to one and all....


  1. Hi Semi Expat!

    So glad to hear Celia is back home and safe!

    I've only been to Byron once in my life, weirdly enough seeing as I've lived in Brisbane most of my life. I could highly recommend Rae's on Watego, but that's a bit useless as you aren't looking for a hotel. Sorry about that.

    I can help with restaurants though! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hello S
    So glad Celia is safe.

    I can't help about Byron though.

    Excellent news regarding your post.

    Take care

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  3. So glad to hear that your little baby girl will be back safe in your arms soon...just so tragic what has happened over there..my husband lived there for 4 years and is just devastated and is following the news constantly.
    Wish I could help you out with Byron..but the last time we stayed..we stayed in a Tree Top house in the rainforest..not far from the beach..but still had to drive there.
    I think AM from The House that AM built might be able to help you? I dont know why..but she came to mind when I was reading your post...I vaguely remember her doing a post on Byron once..I could be wrong?

    Good luck and enjoy your break lovely ..wish I was coming with you :) x

  4. Sorry for a lack of comments recently, locked in various IT knots I don't understand! Seems like my photo thumbnail is back in your sidebar, not sure what was going on...but no longer following??? - no wayyyy, perish the thought of missing my S-E updates!!!

    Have a wonderful time with your girl - precious times.xx ( ps SO glad your friend is home safe).

  5. You see, it is so long ago that I have forgotten how to do this! The comment for here has been left about 4 posts back!!!!!
    You have led me on a merry (mostly) chase though and it has been fun to catch up xx

  6. We stayed in Byron for a friend's wedding a few years ago and we stayed in the Shirley Street Houses. The owner has 3,5 and 7 up for rent:




    They were nicely renovated when we went (albeit 4 and a half years ago) - a little basic but reasonable and the walk into town is but a few minutes.

  7. Hi Sarah

    Great news about Celia! I just left a message at Ark...loved your post.

    I'll ask around about a spot in Byron...I would love to know too!

    Jeanne xx

  8. Byron is absolutely gorgeous. I haven't been there for twenty years though so can't offer much in the way of recommendations.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter.

  9. Try Shannon Fricke's blog (http://shannonfricke.blogspot.com/) she lives near Byron and if nothing is featured on her blog perhaps you could email her for recommendations, plus you can stay @ The Little Cottage Guest Nook which is on her sidebar... although that is in Bangalow... it's just near Byron and gorgeous. Helpful??! Georgie x

  10. Thank you everyone and for your suggestions too... Very much appreciated xx

  11. Byron, followed by Cottesloe beach in Perth are my favourite places in Australia. No contest!

    It's a very small place and unfortunately the accomodation fills up very quickly. If you have no luck with the cottage I recommend Byron at Byron. It's amazing.


  12. Possibly a bit late sorry as you are likely on your way to Byron now. I love the cottages here

  13. Hi
    I wish I had found your blog earlier...so annoyed now...I live in ILUKA near Byron well sort of... hr and a half away, most Byron people come here for their hols !! I kid you not... it is so beautiful..we own a trendy little cafe plus a cabin perfect for one or two people, if you need another Holiday or for your daughter
    Link is http://www.rent-a-home.com.au/accommodation/nsw/byron-bay---northern-rivers/iluka/17272

    But contact me through my blog for a better price I have become a follower, Great blog I am enjoying reading it
    Cheers Stella


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