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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

(L)Arking Around!

I am 'guest posting' today over at the blog, "Behind the Seams" which is our work blog. As some of you know I work for a wonderful Melbourne based fashion company called The Ark and I am very proud to do so. The above photo shows the two owners, Chris and Jen who started by making and selling children's clothing (OzArk) just over 20 years ago but then moved into clothing for women. The Ark is a boutique sized company that really packs a punch and I have to add it is entirely run by women... No men in the company at all. Not even at Head Office! The fact that it is still going 20 years later really shows that they really have a winning combination....

If you have a spare few minutes please pop over by clicking HERE. And if you would care to leave a comment well, that would be really marvellous. The work blog does not get very many comments and Head Office would be delighted too.



  1. See now everybody is going to run over there and post a comment and you'll be all alone here. The only drawback with guest posting!

    Well done, well written and the clothes are cool and wearable.

    xo Jane send me a tube dress please

  2. I have just caught up, what an exciting and also traumatic time you have had. So glad your friend is OK and home safe. How wonderful your daughter is returning again just a tad green about that!!) Have been to see the work blog and the Ark site.
    Oh dear I appear to have missed so much lately I must keep finding a bit more time to stay in touch!!!xx


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