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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beautiful day

After quite a miserable Summer weather wise here in Melbourne we were very happy to wake to such a beautiful Saturday morning. Mr SE and I went to our local shopping strip and gathered in food from the market for the week. This is a view towards the city of Melbourne (7kms away)..... We had breakfast at one of our most favourite cafes. They serve very superior coffee. Melbourne has a proud coffee heritage and Melburnians take their coffee extremely seriously. I bought this book today - it comes out every year and showcases the best of the best!
We were delighted to see that our favourite cafe made it (they have only been going around a year or so) so full marks to them. Only it won't be so secret any more. Ah well, never mind. Daughter loves this place too and she and I call it "Robbie William's cafe" - don't get too excited - it's just that the owner bears a strong resemblance to Mr Williams! Reason enough to go there, I say.

And as it was so beautiful weatherwise Mr SE and I went for a few hours at the beach... Here he is returning to the car after our relaxing time, 'packhorse stylie' with all our beachy paraphernalia!

We walked along the edge of the sand but the water was a little too cool to go swimming I felt. Some did though and this lone seagull thought it was just grand!
Happy weekend to one and all


  1. Looks lovely - it's still cloudy and grey in England, though we did have sunshine yesterday. There's a feature in the FT today about Melbourne (the most vibrant and creative city in the southern hemisphere!), here's the link:


    Have a good weekend!

  2. Oooh thanks for the link and yes, have to agree IT IS! Come and visit TNMA.... x

  3. Did you say coffee? I'm on my way.I'll be swimming so it may take a day or two.

  4. Ah, Melbourne sounds like MY kind of town, full of fellow coffee hounds! Now adding to my list of places to visit...

  5. yum, coffee and the beach. it's hard to believe your summer is almost over. i feel like spring cleaning today. say hi to the mr for me.


  6. Such a pretty part of the world that you live in...I'm feeling like an armchair tourist!

  7. The Melbourne Coffee Review book is an excellent idea!

    Glad to hear Robbie Williams made the cut! Let's hope it doesn't get too over-populated for you now!

  8. yeah why can't it be like today every day in Melb!!! bumma

  9. Lots of fabulous sunshine. We also have lots of sunshine today - spring is on the way!

    Leeann x

  10. Just the word "Summer" has me smiling! It has been so darn gray here in California. I think I'll make myself a nice cup of coffee.... Perhaps a walk before the next storm hits.

  11. Oohh.....a beach and sun and great coffee and....I want to be there!!
    Looks like a great outing Sarah :)

    Jeanne xx

  12. James - watch out for the sharks but I'll shout you a coffee when you get here!
    Une Femme - please do - you'd be sure of a BIG Melbourne welcome.
    Janet - I know we are always 'back to front' - now I will enjoy YOUR summer in USA through the blog.
    Hostess - enjoy your armchair travels!
    SSG - its ok during the week - weekends now V busy! But its good for them I say..!
    Annie - think this Sat. going to be lovely too. :-)
    FF - your Spring is almost here I know... LUCKY!
    Debra - soon be warmer there.... hope you enjoyed your coffee.
    Jeanne - Am sure you will be visiting DOWNunder again soon Jeanne meanwhile Summer is coming in UK or Spring at least!


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