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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back again in UK

Well, it's good to be back.
I flew into Heathrow airport and have spent the first 36 hours or so with my parents at their house - they are in a little turmoil - well, the house is actually as they are busy packing up as they are moving in a couple of weeks or so. Pictures and photographs are down from walls and I have tried to help a little, jet lag permitting.... I could not resist taking a photograph of these - one of their photographs ready for packing - it was taken just after they were married in the 1950's.... Look at how handsome my father is in his Royal Air Force Uniform as a young Flying Officer - and my mother looks like Audrey Hepburn I think - so glam.
It is a little sad to see empty shelves .....

And boxes all packed up. There has been a lot of sorting to do and 'culling' of belongings as they are "downsizing" and moving to a smaller house in the same area. They have been in the house over 20 years so you can imagine the job is no mean feat.

Everything has been labelled - my mother is very efficient.

And talking of labels these are rather lovely... This is their home made chutney ....

And lots of jam too ....

All in rows in the "Preserves Cupboard". They will be packed up next week. I love that they still make jam and chutney each year.

Am now back in our cottage in the West Country (about 45 mins from Bath)... More photographs etc. from here in the next few days.


  1. Your photos of your parent's place are fraught with meaning.

  2. I love the jams...and Bonne Maman jars getting reused...brings back memories of my gran.
    Your mom is very Audrey-esque! I love her "bob"

    Hope the move goes smoothly.

  3. They look ever so glamorous. And look at all those Bonne Maman jars - what wonderful people. Good luck with the move (you'll be helping?)

  4. Welcome back! Your parents are gorgeous, good luck with the move and let me know if you're planning a trip to London.


  5. How lovely to see photos of your parents from when they were young. Your mother was truly glamorous and your father was dashing.

  6. That post made me cry! It's so sad to see their place being packed up- so many lovely memories of being there as a little girl... Bring some delish chutney and jam back please! XX

  7. A bittersweet time for you all. It's wonderful that you are there for them.

  8. What a handsome pair! Love your Mum's writing on the jars! Enjoy your visit xx

  9. The photographs of them as young are adorable!

    Thank you so much for the offer of coming to visit - I've written a long response to you on that particular post in my blog.


  10. Your parents look divine. All those empty cupboards made me feel a bit sad...but the jam and preserves are very cheering. Enjoy your time in the UK. I wonder if you'll be there in Nov when I am?

  11. hi sarah,

    how nice of you to go help your mom and dad. their pictures are so sweet and like everyone else, those bare shelves made me sad. but maybe they are not sad. they are hopefully excited about a new chapter of their lives beginning.


  12. Was your trip planned for just this time ( your parents moving )? I very nice gesture from your part, though after the long flight, you must be tired. I hope you have time to rest too!

  13. Enjoy your stay!!! Home made jam, yummmmmmmmmmmmm. My grandmother still makes it, but alas I'm not there to eat it!! x

  14. Hi, I have just tagged you to ask you some fun questions, hope that's ok with you?xx

  15. After 20 years, moving is definitely a big deal! Hope all goes smoothly.

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