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Saturday, September 25, 2010

In the cottage garden

Photographs from the Semi Expat's little English garden on a sunny Saturday morning.
The last rose - smells so sweet.

The garden has held up well over the last 6 months or so with a little help from Hamish who lives up the lane.

Below - Autumn flowering sedum.

The rosemary is extremely healthy.

And the dear terracotta chickens - none the worse for the bad weather last winter - still pecking away!
A happy weekend to one and all.


  1. It's very pretty and I guess you love being back...but...oh we do miss you here!!!!!xx

  2. I love your garden...so many things of beauty from the distressed country furniture to the brick path, the plantings and your lovely cottage...swooning from here.

  3. Lovely, simply lovely sunny pictures. Everything looks well taken care of!!

  4. Sarah...what a beautiful spot! I love the angles that you used to take these images. I can tell you have fond memories!

    Jeanne xx

    PS..happy to hear you like bircher museli too!

  5. So cute. Wellies, Hamish, and all.

  6. I LOVE your garden. It is just gorgeous x

  7. simply delightful, lovely spot to sit and enjoy the sun

  8. Hi Sarah - wasn't it a beautiful day yesterday? Am sure you are enjoying autumn and a little respite as it starts to heat up 'down under'! I left you a comment on your last post about the pub but when I went to look if you had replied, it's not there! Have no idea what happened....I was just asking which pub you were at - don't recognise it - although we drove past the Triple Crown last night and I thought you may have been there? We are always looking for new local pubs to visit...hope your weekend is fabulous & the jetlag is not too troublesome! x

  9. hi sarah,

    i'm in love with this darling garden. can you please explain to me...is this a vacation home for you? i know you prob have explained this before but i cannot remember.

  10. Your garden and the countryside nearby look lovely - think me & Mr TNMA need to plan an autumn weekend away/out of London!

  11. I am so in love with your cottage!!! If I ever decide to run away and someone needs to find me that's where I'll be :P


  12. Such a lovely place and wonderful garden!


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