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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here we go round the Mulberry Bush

This post has been inspired by two of my favourite blogs and their recent posts to do with handbags. The first is METSCAN over in Finland who talked recently about a handbag that she had given her daughter - lucky daughter - see HERE. And the second blog is Thats Not My Age who had the absolute pleasure of meeting, (yes, you heard right MEETING) the actress Jane Birkin and she even took a photograph of her handbag. Click HERE to read all about that. So to the bag in my post... This bag belongs to my daughter - and she has kindly lent it to me for a while - she left it here when she returned to the UK for me to use as we both love it. A classic Mulberry Bayswater handbag in a chocolate bronzey colour which seems to go with everything. Rather bashed about and loved but it seems to get better as it ages (rather like Jane Birkin's Birkin from TNMA's post I like to think).....

Daughter and I purchased this bag together. She had saved up and had some money for birthdays and some money for good exam results and we set off to visit the Mulberry Factory Shop in Somerset. We managed to secure it for a Very Good Price. Not only was it nearly half price but the nice sales assistant gave us another 50 pounds OFF as there was a v. small scratch on it.

If you are in Somerset in England and fancy a lovely day out go to the factory shop - you never know what you might find and there is a little tea room there too. All details below :

Tucked away in the heart of the beautiful Somerset countryside, the Mulberry Factory shop presides in an old school building located on the main A37 Bristol to Yeovil Road. It carries a wide selection of Mulberry accessories and ready to wear, styles varying from classical vintage to trendy, contemporary pieces and all at substantially discounted prices. So, whether it is an idea for a gift, or simply self-indulgence, you are sure to find something suitable at the Mulberry Factory Shop.

New Collection In store with up to 50% off the original RRP. MULBERRY FACTORY SHOP The Old School House - Shepton Mallet- BA4 5NF Telephone : 01749 340 583

I hope to visit soon as tomorrow I am back off to the UK again for a very fleeting visit - all of 3 weeks. Next post will be from England.


  1. Hello Semi Expat,
    Thanks for the heads up re Mulberry in the UK.

    What a beautiful bag.

    Have a safe flight back to the UK and best of luck with hunting out those bargains!

    SSG xxx

  2. Love the bag. My Mr FF has a lot of Mulberry travel bags which I love. Enjoy the Uk xxx

  3. Have a safe trip, Will you be checking out Mulberry while you are there perhaps?!!!!xx

  4. hi sarah,

    i'm not familiar with mulberry but i really love your shared custody bag. i will go and read the other 2 posts regarding bags as i think bag collections tell so much about a person. don't you agree?


  5. This bag has great style, it looks large enough to be an everyday bag and I love the patina of the leather...
    I have seen ads for Mulberry in Red UK.

    Safe journey and good luck shopping...or rather hunting and gathering!

  6. I love your daughter's Mulberry bag...it is just beautiful. It looks like it has travelled, seen a bit of the fascinating world of ours and the fact that is loved and used by both mother and daughter makes for a great story. Not question that this is a bag to love and treasure and I am sure she will for many years to come.

    Save travels to the UK...cloudy skies in London today but still warm :)

    Jeanne xx

  7. I like the patina on the bag. Earlier, nearly all my bags were Mulberrys. Mulberry still has a popular name here in Finland. Do have a safe flight!

  8. Lots of buzz around Mulberry these days. Lots.

  9. Beautiful bag, beautiful relationship between mother and daughter.

    Have a safe flight and I'm so looking forward to your posts from England.

    xo ( from the kitten) and xx from me, Jane

  10. Safe travels!
    You're right, a bag like that will just get better and better and better.
    The Mulberry shop sounds great, but having exhausted myself hopping round England last time I was there, next time I'm going to stay rooted to the spot in Cambridge!

  11. Will miss you!! Have a safe flight and wonderful journey! (I have a friend from Horsham who LOVES the Mulberry outlet in Somerset...) XXX

  12. Thanks for the mention - still can't quite believe I met Jane & saw THE Birkin bag!

  13. oooh, thanks for the info on the Mulberry factory shop, most interesting!


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