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Friday, September 10, 2010

Postcard from Adelaide

A couple of weekends back - well, to be precise, the weekend before last, Mr SE and I went away to Adelaide. He has been there many times on business but has seen precisely all of the airport, the hotel and where his meetings were held and never the city or the surrounding beautiful areas.... and I had never been to Adelaide before.
Well, we weren't disappointed - a very pretty city with some gorgeous architecture and green parks and some lovely shopping areas too...Adelaide is not far from Melbourne as you can see from the map above - a mere hop, skip and a jump in a Qantas plane and we were there. We stayed a night in the city of Adelaide and then the next day went touring up in the hills - although the sun shone it was pretty windy - hence impression of "shaggy Shetland pony hair" in the above photo!

Gorgeous views from the hills looking down to the city in the distance.

Pretty streets....

And what really fascinated me were the grape vines growing along the streets - to remind perhaps that this is after all a wonderful wine growing region....

So pretty weaving their way along the intricate iron 'lacework' balustrade outside the stores...

And, apologies - unless you live in Australia you won't know who on earth the person is in the photograph below but I could not resist sneaking a very grainy image of him.....!! Yes, it's Adam, the worthy winner of Masterchef Australia just trying to catch up with some work whilst waiting for his flight in the Qantas lounge in Adelaide. Just about rounded off a very enjoyable weekend altogether.....

And a happy weekend to one and all wherever you are in the world and whatever you may be doing...


  1. The countryside around Adelaide looks beautiful - quite English, don't you think(?) And I like the shaggy Shetland pony hair!

  2. It is a pretty place isn't it. We lived there for about 12 months and I never tired of exploring!

    Best of all though it is the home of Haigh's chocolates!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend and I hope the sun shines for you xo

  3. Great photos!Looks really nice place:)))
    comment and follow if u like http://rayabo.blogspot.com/

  4. hi sarah,

    i always enjoy your travel photos. they allow me a peek at places that i doubt i'll ever see. thank you.


    happy weekend to you also

  5. So this is where you've been. do I always say that? Are you leading some great life of travel?
    Good, then you can keep sharing with us.

    xo Jane

  6. Looks like a wonderful trip, thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank you all for lovely comments...
    Truth is flwerjane, no, have not been leading a great life of travel - wish I had :-) (apart of course from the weekend in Adelaide) but have been so tired each evening after work (we had a catalogue out and its so busy, busy, busy) that I have not had much energy for the computer - it has been home, make dinner, bed and up again in the morning for the same!!
    Lovely to hear from everyone. x

  8. Well, you make a very lovely shetland pony :)
    Adelaide does indeed look great for a weekend away.

  9. What a huge continent Australia is! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, how amazing the scenery is. I just find it so hard to believe, that you are just approaching spring, while we..you know what.

  10. I love the Adelaide area! If I knew you were going I would have recommended a bite to eat to Sparrow! Barossa Valley is my favourite, one of the nicest places I've been to in Australia x

  11. Sounds like you had a great trip. When I went to visit Australia two decades ago, I managed to squeeze in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. This was due to the fact that I hooked up with people from those places while we were all living the high life in Bali a couple of weeks prior to my arrival in OZ. Adelaid missed my tour list, I'm afraid.

    But heck, you've got your summer when we're struggling with the cold and turning into snowmen. Maybe I should just get myself a ticket to down under again, and relive my fabulous experiences from days gone by? I really loved the Aussie way of life!

    Lastly, thank you so much for all the warm and considerate comments you always write on my blog. I cherish your support and am truly greatful for every thoughtful comment you leave. Many, many thanks!


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