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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September day in the English countryside

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous post about my parents' move.

They were very touched....... All is progressing well and whilst I did not come back to UK from Oz specifically for their move - (am here to settle dearest daughter into University in a week's time) I am extremely glad to be here whilst their move is happening. Contracts were exchanged yesterday and it will all happen in six days. In fact I am writing this post from their house after another day helping out. Mr SE has turned his hand to disconnecting dishwashers, washing machines etc. and taking down shelves too. However, Mr SE leaves early tomorrow morning back to Australia (via the Grand Prix in Singapore)..... Phew! On to our day yesterday in the sunshine. Mr SE's mother came to visit and we went out for lunch to a lovely pub in the countryside - photo above.

The food arrived on boards. Mine photographed below and the MIL's above... however, the MIL did not like the fact that it arrived "on a bread board" and declared it to be unhygienic. We told her it was known as "presentation".

Mine were freshly grilled sardines on toast with a green olive tapenade.

Photos above and below of the garden at the pub.

Afterwards we went for a walk alongside the canal.

The canal climbs a steep gradient and a series of locks were completed in 1810. An AMAZING engineering feat which fascinated Mr SE no end.

Each lock is numbered.... love the old fashioned numbering.

Looking back at the at the 21 locks up the hill....

Gorgeous old brick bridge over the canal....

We saw this barge (or narrow boat as they are sometimes called) navigate through a lock....

At the end of the day the MIL returned on the train. All in all a lovely day in the sunshine.


  1. Oh how gorgeous! I love the pub garden and the locks are fascinating! Tell you MIL that there's actually something in wood cutting boards that kills bacteria; seriously, I read this a few years back and was quite surprised. Wood boards are more hygenic than plastic, apparently.

  2. That pub looks really beautiful. And so does everything else including the locks. You two do lead a charmed life! Good luck for your daughter at university. xxx

  3. hi sarah,

    love the pics of the locks. they are gorgeous. and how did you know i collect images of the number 3? 3 is my favorite number! i agree with kirsten, you 2 lead a charmed life!


  4. Wow, imagine how long it would have taken to get through all the locks?
    Too funny about the food on boards ;)

  5. Heavenly. Beautiful setting and food loks delish and well presented:)

    xo Jane


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