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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

Today is a national holiday - a patriotic holiday and a day when family and friends get together to celebrate all that is great about Australia - Australia Day....

There will be many a barbecue fired up (ours will be on later) and quite a lot of lamb will be eaten (sort of a tradition I gather to have lamb on Australia Day) although I am sure a fair amount of "Shrimps will be thrown on the Barbee" too!

So I got to thinking about this fair land which I love and is my adopted home and in particular about the beautiful city of Melbourne (see photo above) .....

These are things that I love about living in Melbourne, though in no specific order:
  • The architecture (the great variety - from the wonderful majestic, modern skyscrapers to the period weather boarded homes).
  • The green spaces within the city - the parks and in particular the Royal Botanic Gardens.
  • The laneways and arcades.
  • The cafes (and especially the lovely breakfasts available).
  • The people - Meburnians are wonderful almost without exception - friendly, open and welcoming and almost all with a 'can do' attitude, as are I hasten to add most Australians I have met.
  • The art galleries and theatres, especially the open air concerts.
  • The beaches and coast line in general including the docklands area.
  • The coffee (consistently good). Melbourne has a great coffee heritage.
  • The markets - from fresh food to 'flea' and vintage.
  • The trams (and the transport system in general in the city).
  • The River Yarra
  • The sport on offer - both to go and watch and to join in with too if you feel so inclined.
  • The fact that there are distinct seasons in Melbourne - in fact, a common saying is that you can get all 4 in one day... Or "If you don't like the weather, wait a couple of hours"..... At least in winter it's cold enough to wear tights here!
  • The food - again, almost always of a good standard and what variety too!

A very Happy Australia Day to all my fellow country dwellers... and a "G'day" to you all wherever you call 'home'.


  1. That's a lovely post. I hope you have a wonderful Australia Day!

  2. After the terrible flooding... I hope that Australia Day can be celebrated and enjoyed...throw a few shrimps on the Barbie for me too :)

  3. Hope you've had a great Australia Day :)

  4. Having just spent far too much time looking at A-M's pictures of the flooding last night, I agree. Australia needs a day of celebration and healing.

    Hope your day was fun and delicious.

    xo Jane

  5. hi sarah,

    thanks for saying all the great things you love about your adopted home. you are v sweet.


  6. Oh... All the things you have listed are the things I miss terribly about my home town... I do love Sydney but I miss Melbourne. I really do enjoy my visits back home but they are never long enough!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful Straya Day! It's definitely un-Australian not to eat lamb on our national holiday!

  7. I've enjoyed all your Melbourne pics, especially the neighbourhood architecture and the foodie ones! Hope you had a lovely day.

  8. I hope you had a great day celebrating, Sarah! It's fun to read your blog posts full of enthusiasm about where you live. I would have so loved to go, I believe you would have the best tour guide ever! Circumstances beyond my control (maybe sick again, having a check up soon) have made me decide I'll have to put off a trip for now.

    But it would be great fun to meet up. I take it you go to your English cottage in the summer? I love England, too. Maybe, if the timing's right, I could book a weekend trip to the UK and find a hotel nearby your cottage - and we could meet up that way. And I'll just take a little rain check on Australia in the meantime.

  9. Hi again, and thanks for the lovely response on my blog. I just reread this comment and noticed I'd left out a word. Obvioulsy, it should read: I believe you would be the best tourguide ever (and that I would have one).

    Have a great day. :)


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