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Sunday, January 2, 2011

And a Happy New Year to you too

Although it's only January 2nd 2011, I feel I am a little late in posting my Happy New Year wishes as there are many out there who have been far quicker off the mark. Nonetheless, I'll add mine now and wish everyone a wonderful, happy and healthy 2011 - all my friends and family and also to you my lovely fellow bloggers, followers (and please can I get to 100 soon?!) readers and commentators too - you, as they say, "rock my blogging world" !

Now, I have had a fun filled and busy few last days as on the evening of 30th December this plane below arriving into Melbourne brought.... my dear sister, V and her partner, Steve to Australia for a couple of weeks. Sister V is Beautiful Niece's mother and here they are embracing (photo courtesy of Mr SE) - a happy and emotional reunion for all - they hadn't seen each other since last April. I was, as you can see pretty happy too.
Then onto New Year's Eve.
We had the most wonderful time at BN and LAM's Hawaiian New Year's Eve Party at their apartment on their roof top terrace overlooking the skyline of Melbourne. Just look at that view. It was a great party with a barbeque, plenty to drink (too much as far as I was concerned I have to admit!) and lots of wild dancing too! There were about 40- 50 people there - one of the best New Year's Eves I have had in a very long time. Am sure that my niece will post on her blog about it very soon too.

And just look at the beautiful fireworks over lovely Melbourne city. Stunning.

On New Year's Day Mr SE and I hosted a Christmas dinner (as they were not here on 25th December) for my sister and partner with BN and LAM and presents were duly exchanged around our rather small but sweet Christmas tree.

BN and LAM gave me this lovely ceramic milk bottle container and the rustic iron heart from one of my very favourite places in Melbourne - Capital Kitchen. Love them.

And below, the festive table before we sat down to dinner.... Here I will admit that Mr SE did the lion's share of the cooking due to my very fragile state. All I did was decorate and lay the table, prepare the gravy and make the pudding!! He is a bit of a star at times....

We ate : stuffed and rolled turkey (pinenut and spinach stuffing), roast potatoes (very good and crispy), steamed carrots and asparagus, gravy(!) and for pudding - panetonne bread and butter pudding with vanilla icecream.
And to drink, a bottle of very nice white wine called "Siblings" - highly appropriate for the occasion although I only had a very small glass.
Happy Days.


  1. That all sounds like such a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I think perhaps you are allowed to feel a wee bit fragile on occasions like this. Alas for me one glass will do it so I am useless at a party!!!!!! Wishing you a wonderful year full of new beginnings, lots of love, laughter and family. xo ~ J

  2. Great view of the fireworks!

    May 2011 be everything you wish it to be.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  3. Happy New Year Semi Expat!

    I hope you have a fabulous 2011.

  4. Sarah, my oh my, look how busy you have been! All these yummy meals, family reunions and beautiful table settings along with your stunning New Year's Eve photos...best of all, you look happy and gorgeous too!!

    Best wishes to you and Mr SE for a wonderful 2011!!!

    Jeanne xxx

  5. Dear Sarah,

    Happy, happy new year. It's been wonderful becoming friends with you.

    If I could click on followers to bring you up to the magic number and beyond, I'd click all day.


  6. Happy 2011 again and again. What a lovely ( if delicate) time you've been having.

    xo jane

  7. Wow, your NYE photos are truly wonderful! Love your 'Christmas' menu, especially the stuffing. Yummy!

  8. hi sarah,

    lovely, lovely, lovely.

    i have not been to a good new year's eve party in such a long time. i've given up on them.
    maybe i should throw one next year?



  9. hugging photo is a million/10! Happy New Year xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Happy New Year and many more wonderful airplane deliveries:).

  11. The reunion photo is lovely! It's wonderful to be with cherished ones on joyous occasions like Christmas, and especially when some family members live far apart from each other.

    Sounds like you had a great Christmas. And btw, is that your new dining table that your friend helped you make that you've shown here? While it's partly covered, from what I see it looks fab!

    The NYE party sounds fabulously fun, and the view from that apartment is fantastic! That must have been some night - and I can totally understand you being in a fragile state the following day. Cheers! ;)

  12. Hi y'all... (love that American-ism!!) - and thanks for the great comments. You are all so lovely.
    And yaaahay! Am up to 96 followers thank you to the two new ones ...Parisandpeals and Tess - hooray...
    Sniff : you are right that is my new table - I will I promise do a post about it soon but I am so very, very pleased with it. And happy that I have such a talented and good woodworking friend. xx

  13. Wishing you and yours a very happy 2011. Looks like it has definitely started well for you!

  14. happy new year SE and Mr SE!

    that airport photo made me tear up :(( so so so sweet!



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